Time Warner asks U.S. District Court to decide on iPad streaming

“Time Warner has asked a judge to rule on whether it has the right to let customers stream cable content to their iPads, a question that has lit up debate among content providers, cable companies and their customers over the past weeks,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service.

“Time Warner filed a request in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for a declaratory judgment related to Viacom, which owns TV companies including MTV and Nickelodeon,” Gohring reports. “The cable operator is asking a judge to rule that its customers are allowed to view Viacom content on any device they choose, including iPads, in their homes.”

Gohring reports, “Time Warner released an iPad app in mid-March that lets customers stream cable TV programs to their iPads over Wi-Fi in their homes. A couple of weeks later, it said that Fox Cable, Viacom and Discovery had asked it to remove their programming from the app. While Time Warner did pull the content, it said it believed it had the right to deliver the content to its iPad app.”

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MacDailyNews Note: As of April 7th, Time Warner Cable has added 7 new channels to the TWCable TV App for iPad:
• Oxygen
• History en Español
• Lifetime
• Crime & Investigation Network
• History International
• ReelzChannel
• The Biography Channel

This brings the total number of channels now available to over 50. You can see the full lineup here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. What the hell is illegal about a network not allowing a cable co to broadcast its content? Hell, I think fox and friends could/should stop supplying their content to TWcable if TWCable is just going to bitch. Maybe these content suppliers have app ideas of their own. (not that I want 30 diff apps for tv viewing)

    1. Because they’re not broadcasting it. You can only access it over your personal Time Warner Internet service. You pay for the channel once, you should be able to use it anywhere in your house regardless of whether or not you have it hooked up to an actual television. An iPad can be a television, it’s just wireless. That’s the only difference.

    1. No kidding right?
      I seem to recall a time when you had to pay extra to hook up an additional tv set to your cable. That using a splitter = stealing.

      Now a cable company is arguing that their customers should be able to have their service on unlimited screens in their home.

      Strange indeed.

      1. Telephones used to be the same way.

        My old man ran wires through the house and hooked up THREE phones! Zowie!

        Why on earth I can’t stream video to my iPad when I pay $45 a month to Time Warner for my Internet service incomprehensible.

  2. Flashback: early cable days required you to have a separate cable box (each rented from the provider) for each set you wanted to hook up. If you used a splitter and connected more than one TV the cable company considered it to be theft. Later they conceded that the signal could be shared within the home. This is the same fight, the same arguments, and I think will wind up producing the same results.

  3. I have it, and it works great. The picture is HD and it looks as nice as my HDTV. I don’t see where the networks have a leg to stand on. I’ve paid for this programming, and I can only watch it in my house. The big benefit is that I don’t need to rent another cablebox and it doesn’t need to be connected to a wire.

  4. Time Warner is greedy, they don’t care to make their customers happy. Why should it be their decision, on what device I want to watch my show on rather it’s on an iPad, computer or smart phone or location other then my house. This option should be included on our over priced cable bill, or maybe another provider will. I wish the cable co., would focus on their scheduling, I’m tired of trying to find something to watch, on HBO, Showtime and Starz why are the
    shows repeated over and over for months and then the same show just gets rotated between these premium stations. Please find new shows for each premium station, I pay for them individually, so provide the service that I’m paying for or change it to all 3 premium stations for the price of one. The other affordable option is Netflix and I can watch any show at my convenience on any device and location.

  5. If a company puts a EULA on a computer product or service it is not fully enforceable on the end user. So why is a music/video publisher’s EULA magically enforceable in new areas that never existed before (i.e. iPad).

    Its like I buy a car for my daily commute, but have to pay more when a new highway is built and more again if I want to drive it over the border.

    Sure, put the EULA in, but that doesn’t make it enforceable.

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