Microsoft releases free ‘Bing for iPad’ app

Microsoft today released their free Bing for iPad app which features:

• Swipe through our touch-enabled movie listings, news articles, trending topics, local businesses and other search results.
• Stay current with the latest news, traffic, weather, stock quotes, movies and popular searches from the main screen.
• Bing Local and Map integration to help you find the places you are looking for from directions with real-time tracking to road, traffic, aerial and “bird’s eye” views.
• Follow the latest news and trending topics with “iPad-optimized” results with images and magazine-inspired layouts.
• Tell Bing what you are searching for with voice activated search.
• Touch-friendly, grid view of image searches, with source site details and full page preview.
• Easily navigate between Bing results and websites as Bing frames the site to make it easy to return the search or to launch a new one.

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. I am superlatively thrilled that iQuack was overly thrilled by Donald’s ease of being thrilled, resulting in Diskgrinder’s recognition that Ballmer was on holiday, thereby allowing the release of Bing for iPad… Whew!

  2. I tried Bing. Once it became apparent that Bing “decides for you” by providing hits from the highest bidder, I opted out.

    I’d rather have tons of raw data than an ounce of propaganda any day of the week.

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