GoSolarUSA’s Volt Solar Charger for Apple iPhone nears U.S. launch

GoSolarUSA (GSLO) announced today that the initial manufacturing run of its Volt Solar Charger accessory for the Apple iPhone is expected to be completed in the next 10 days.

The company received word Tuesday from Xiamen Solar Electronics, the Volt’s Chinese developer, that manufacturing would wrap up soon on the hotly anticipated gadget. GSLO ordered the mass production of the Volt Solar Charger late last month in preparation for the device’s upcoming North American launch. Earlier this year, GoSolarUSA signed a distribution agreement with XSE providing GSLO with the exclusive right to sell and distribute the Volt in North America, the world’s largest market for iPhone accessories.

“We’re understandably thrilled with the news that production of the Volt will be wrapping up soon,” Rohde said in the press release. “We’re more than eager to share this amazing device with iPhone users across the country, and given the recent news that Apple has chosen to delay the release of the iPhone 5 until the next fiscal year, we feel confident with our timing.”

MacDailyNews Take: That “news” remains a rumor.

The Volt Solar Charger is the only battery pack known to GSLO designed to charge the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with the same device. The high-tech accessory extends the iPhone’s talk time and battery life using a top-of-the-line, built-in solar panel and a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery. Initially, the Volt will go on sale in both black and white, bundled with a one-year warranty. Pricing information to be released soon.

Apple fans interested in obtaining the latest environmentally friendly iPhone accessory as quickly as possible may need to be proactive, Rohde cautioned. GSLO’s first shipment of Volt Solar Chargers is expected to go fast. “Anticipation for the Volt’s North American debut is well beyond our projections at this point,” Rohde said. “The best chance to get your hands on one of the first Volt Solar Chargers to hit U.S. shores is to sign up for our waiting list at GoSolarUSA.com.”

100 randomly selected people signed up for the device’s waiting list will receive a free Volt Solar Charger with no purchase necessary. To learn more and to reserve your Volt, visit http://www.gosolarusa.com/technology/volt-reservation.html.

Source: GoSolarUSA, Inc.


  1. It will likely take 10 days of full sun to charge the Volt’s 1500mAh battery from its built in 2X3 inch solar panel. I say this from experience with using much larger solar panels to (try and) charge iPhone. I’m afraid for now solar charging is greenwash and a waste of money, though I hope to be proved wrong ASAP.

    1. You say that now… just wait until you’re lost in the wild and no way of finding home besides your trusty iPhone to call for help…. granted, you better be calling for help way before your battery runs out. lol

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