Apple asks Toyota to pull ads on jailbroken iPhones

“A couple days ago I wrote an article discussing Toyota’s Scion theme they’d published in Cydia through Velti, an advertising agency they use. I was impressed at a major corporation recognizing the niche jailbreak market and pouring some attention into it,” Kyle Matthews reports for ModMyi.

“Apple also heard about the theme and ad campaign. I received a call from our contact at Velti this evening as well as an email asking me to please take the theme out of Cydia. On the phone, he explained Apple had contacted Toyota and requested they remove the theme and stop the advertising campaign. They (Velti) in turn contacted me relaying the message,” Matthews reports. “The reason Velti listed for the removal request of the theme emailed through our dev portal was ‘Toyota’s making us take it down…’ Toyota had agreed to do so to ‘maintain their good relationship with Apple,’ our Velti contact told me on the phone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The only thing that’s remotely surprising is that it took as long as a couple of days.


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