The Telegraph reviews Apple iPad 2: Does everything better; now’s the perfect time to join the iPad club

“As anyone who has followed technology news this month will know by now, the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Although the difference in weight is a mere 100 grams, the slimness of this year’s model creates the illusion that it is lighter still. This further helps with the iPad’s greatest trick: seeming to disappear and become whatever app you’re using,” Shane Richmond reports for The Telegraph.

“And there are apps by the thousand. Around 65,000, in fact, which gives Apple an enormous head start over the competition,” Richmond reports. “Those apps will run faster too, thanks to the iPad 2’s A5 dual core processor. The new iPad runs up to twice as fast and graphics performance is nine-times faster. The speed improvements can be seen on almost any app; the original iPad didn’t feel sluggish before but it will after you’ve spent some time with the iPad 2.”

“Famously, the iPad doesn’t support Flash but after a year using the first iPad I can honestly say that I scarcely miss it. Finally, there’s the size; some people think the iPad is just too big. For them a 7-inch tablet is probably ideal but I remain unconvinced by those. I want a tablet, not a big smartphone,” Richmond reports. “The iPad 2 does everything that made the original iPad such a revelation but it does them better… Now is the perfect time to join the iPad club.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Suck on that Android turd.

    Even the Brits recognize the superiority of the iPad platform. The Brits who worship Android from afar have laid accolades at the door of the iPad. When your key demographic swings in favor of a patently superior product in every way, the Androids of this world will just get steamrollered under the mighty wheels of the iPad.

    Bye bye Moto. Good riddance Samsung Tab. Goodbye Touchpad. Au revoir Playbook, we hardly knew ye before yon early grave. A graver thing I know not than thou, Playbook.

    Thought I’d spout some Shakespeare there to remind the Brits of Apple’s Hamlet, Steve Jobs.

    Thank you & goodnight.

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