Apple’s Online Store improves iPad 2 shipping dates to 3-4 weeks from 4-5 weeks

Apple’s Online Store has improved iPad 2 shipping date estimates from 4-5 weeks to 3-4 weeks for all 18 iPad 2 models.

Over the past couple of days, several readers have emailed MacDailyNews to let us know that their online iPad 2 orders have shipped ahead of schedule.

Taken together, it seems that Apple may be getting a handle on iPad 2’s supply/demand imbalance. And not a moment too soon, as the iPad 2 goes on sale in 25 more countries at 5pm local time on March 25th.

AppleInsider notes, “Last week, a report from the Far East indicated that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn had stockpiled enough components to continue to assemble iPad 2 units for at least another two to three weeks. It was said that if the situation in Japan did not improve, Apple could face a stockout of the iPad 2. But for now those concerns appear to be unfounded, as availability appears to be improving with quicker shipping estimates.”

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    1. I ordered mine day 1 also, just before the official 1 am time.
      Ordered two, 1 arrived last week 2nd one finally on the local fedex truck today…
      Days have gone by very slow 😉

  1. Again, the market manipulators sew fear and doubt and drive down Apple’s stock price. How are they going to spin this one: “Apple’s ship times improve because of lower demand”?

    1. For future reference, it’s “sow.” Sew is for needle and thread, sow is for planting something, as in “you reap what you sow” or “sow the fields”

        1. It cox be called a typo if e and o were close to each other. Man up buddy. You should spend more time checking before you send. Getting lost in Wki-land is actually as enjoyable as it us rewarding

      1. Good catch, as we say in the newsroom. Darn tough to write these posts with this ridiculous boxlet, especially while driving at night…
        Except you need to be working for MDN or any one of a zillion other blogs where no one seems to be proofreading the stuff before it is published. The state of online grammar and such is appalling. The other day I saw an error in the web site of The New Yorker that never would have gotten into the magazine.

  2. Called yesterday the Aspen Grove store in Colorado. Said they are getting shipments of iPad’s in, but not everyday. Asked if there were lines? Rep said first person showed up today at 2 am – temp was 35 degrees. This is beyond surreal.

  3. Apple Store Crossgates: 75+ in line at 8:00am. First person in line at 2:15am (crazy!). I was 35th. Got exact model I wanted (3G, 32 GB, AT&T, black) with black leather Smart Cover!

    Joy at last!!!

    iPad 2 mirroring works and looks GREAT – so do the MLB 2011 iPad app’s live video feeds on my 60″ Sony HDTV!

  4. Got mine 1st day at a West LA Best Buy, after 90 mins wait. It was first time I waited in line for a gadget and at the time I felt plenty stupid. Not anymore! iPad 2 is a HUGE improvement, and has become my go-to device for email, news and PDF reading in a way that iPad 1 never did, thanks to faster PDF rendering and markup and unbelievably improved hand feel. Magical, indeed!

  5. I wonder if those of us with 4-5 week waiting times will now be moved up. As things stand, if I were to order one today, I would receive it a week earlier than the one I ordered a week ago.
    Feeling lost on the space-time continuum.

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