Apple starts online sales of iPad 2 in Australia and New Zealand

“The iPad 2 is now on sale through Apple’s Australia and New Zealand online stores,” Electronista reports.

“Within the latter country, Wi-Fi iPads are priced at $799 NZ for 16GB, $949 for 32GB, and $1,099 for 64GB. 3G models are $998, $1,149 and $1,289, respectively,” Electronista reports. “In Australia, Wi-Fi iPads are priced at A$579, $689 and $799. 3G versions are A$729, $839 and $949.”

Electronista reports, “Both countries are already seeing extended shipping times between two and three weeks.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jen” for the heads up.]

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  1. My wait time is 5 weeks on my order for my iPad2. I would hate to think that the exact same iPad 2 I am trying to buy some dude in Germany is going to get weeks ahead of mine, when his version came out weeks after I placed my order.

    I hope my iPad ships sooner than later.

  2. Will be online at 1AM tomorrow morning to order our 2 iPads 2 :o)
    @ReallyBigBen There will be iPads sold in stores in Europe and elsewhere as of tomorrow, and those will be in the hands of happy iPad users before yours… I know it sucks but at least you had a chance to order on the 11th! I’m sure that you’ll get yours before the delivery date you got; Apple likes to delight us that way too ;o)

  3. In Oz.
    Refreshed the Store page from 12:58. Order made just after 01:00. Shipment in 2-3 weeks. It would seem they decided to quote long shipping times for online orders from the start. Probably to get as much stock in hands at actual stores. My closest Apple store is 6.5 hours drive away. ;-(

    Confirmation email says delivery on 21 April. 28 days and counting down.

    On the even brighter side I will have my iPad Smart Cover – Polyurethane – Grey in 3 days time! Express courier to deliver on 28th March! Any suggestions as to how I can make the most of this?? I am thinking giant fridge magnet…

  4. there was a loophole in the Oz apple web site, I was refreshing from 12:15 and the new ipad2 started showing at 12:30. If you clicked in the right spot you got to the buy page. My friend and I have a confirmed order (including email confirmation) at 12:35. With all that the shipping time was still 2-3 weeks with estimated delivery on April 21. 🙁 will have to “suffer” with my original iPad till then

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