T-Mobile: No Apple iPhone just yet after AT&T deal

“T-Mobile in an FAQ quickly talked down any immediate plans to carry the iPhone following the takeover by AT&T,” Electronista reports.

“It stressed that the deal wouldn’t take effect for at least a year and that, as a result, no deal with Apple was automatic,” Electronista reports. “The language conspicuously left room open for an iPhone deal pre-merger but for now steered customers towards what it already had on sale.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Yes, um, iPhone, um… Hey, have you seen our selection of pretend iPhones?”

Electronista reports, “T-Mobile has recently become elusive on the iPhone, refusing to either confirm or deny intentions. It has used the same language that Verizon used when it had a deal but didn’t want to publicly acknowledge plans and risk losing sales of existing Android phones.

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  1. T-Mobile has been decent for us over the past five years or so (after switching from Cingular after switching from Sprint in the late 1990’s). Sprint was actually my favorite in terms of voice quality when a signal was available. Unfortunately, the coverage at my home was very spotty – “roaming” to me was walking around in an attempt to find a signal.

    I don’t have an iPhone (although I would love to have one if I could justify the monthly voice/data fee), so I get by with a not-so-smart phone with a crappy touch screen on a lower cost plan – four phones for around $80/month plus taxes/fees. It gets the job done.

  2. iPhone 5 chipset has been customized to support T-Mobile and this deal would not go through before July so JUST CALM DOWN and enjoy the ride with iPhone 5.

  3. Right now all they have an agreement to merge. But they are still separate companies until they receive regulatory approval, actually sign the papers, and integrate their networks.

  4. There is a GSM frequency that the iPhone can’t do. My theory is that T-Mobile is using that frequency, and that there will be a delay until Apple manufactures iPhones that can do all the GSM frequencies.

  5. @Ken…don’t expect that AT&T will retain T-Mobile’s frequencies, that’s to inefficient. And if within a few months or years those frequencies are eliminated, then the iPhone will not be available for use on the T-Mobile frequencies forever.

  6. Has anybody taken a look at T-Mobile’s coverage map? Looks like tiny freckles on an elephant–can hardly even call it ‘coverage’. LOL–ATT just picked-up 26 more customers @ most 🙂

  7. Hi guys here’s something to add to your discussions, last September I had a week in Las Vegas ( stayed at the Encore very plush) when I was at the southern end of the strip my iPhone 3G would connect to AT&T, but down in Freemont it would connect to
    T-Mobile!, here in the UK I’m on O2. Discuss…………

  8. I’m a Canadian that travels to NY every so often, and always hated going on to the AT&T network. I would bring my wife’s 1st gen iPhone (unlocked) and just pick up a SIM card at the closest T-Mobile store. for $25-$35, I would be able to make calls (not many, but enough to be in contact) for a good week. With all the free Wi-Fi available in and around Times Square, there was no need to figure out getting a Data package (not that one is offered with a pay-as-you-go, but know hacks are out there). Coverage was always great and never had a problem in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, pretty much all the 5 were top signal strength – AT&T, not so much. I’m hoping that the same T-Mobile assets (packages and so on) will still be available in the future.
    I once asked the T-Mobile rep that was selling me a SIM, how many jailbroken iPhones he would see. He chuckled and said, “Quite a lot!” I bet if T-Mobile starts to sell iPhones soon, they will sell (chuckle) “quite a lot!”

  9. Bought the first 2, 2 Minis, and now the Air. Like my iPhones, I passed down each iteration to members of the family. Unfortunately now, having run out of ‘candidates’, I get the oldest version(s) back.

    As one can see, my youngest can ‘t wait for Apple to bring out a new version.

    So far it has worked out quite well. I have TomTom running on a G3 and an old iPad, that I use/keep in the cars. In addition I have the ‘DisplayPad’ app on an older iPad which helps me develop/test iOS apps on my Macs simultaneously.

    Note: DisplayPad acts as a second monitor. However, you can use your mouse and keyboard, as well as Touch on widows/apps being viewed over on the iPad.

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