Apple’s Mac App Store thrives; already bringing in huge revenue for developers

Distimo’s February 2011 report covers some interesting facts regarding Apple’s Mac App Store in the United States:

The major findings are:

• Less than two months after the launch of the Mac App Store, a top 300 Mac application already generates half the revenue of a top 300 iPad application on average.

• The average selling price of the top 300 applications is seven times higher in the Mac App Store ($11.21) than on the iPhone ($1.57) and almost three times higher than on the iPad ($4.19).

• The Mac App Store has 2,225 applications available in the store approximately two months post-launch. Comparatively, the Apple App Store for iPad had 8,099 applications two months post-launch.

• Although on the Mac gaming has been less popular than on Windows, the Mac App Store promises a bright future for Mac gaming: there are already 646 games in this store (29%), and 39% of the most popular applications are games as well.

• The proportion of free applications in the Mac App Store is lower than in any of the other application stores analyzed in this report: only 12% of the applications are free.

• The 300 most popular free and 300 most popular paid applications in the three Apple application platforms (iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store) are published by 1,014 publishers in total. 173 publishers distribute applications in more than one of these stores (17%), the Mac App Store being one of these stores in 49 cases (5%).

Distimo February 2011 Downloads and Revenue in Apple's App Stores

More info and link to download the free report here.

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  1. Most of the games are kinda low rent ports or older existing games.
    I’m not trolling, I use the Mac app store and would like to see more & better apps on it.

    1. Obviously they’re gonna be ports… that’s the whole point.. port your existing apps to the app store.. the PC gaming market isn’t exactly a mindblowing circus of wildly new ideas dude… they’re just a bunch of rehashes..

  2. Does anyone happen to know why Apple prevents users of both the iTunes Store and the new AppStore to change the language of the interface? I’m sure a global company like Apple must have realised by know that there’s a shitload of people today (especially in Europe) who live and work abroad for a couple of years, but prefer their native language when watching movies or working with software. I mean, it’s 2011, and I just can’t believe this is still an issue.

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