Apple’s iPad 2: Will it blend? (with video)

Tom Dickson shows “Steve Jobs” how the Blendtec Total Blender can handle even the greatest of inventions, Apple’s iPad 2:

MacDailyNews Take: Now, just like that, iPad 2 is real.

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    1. My mom got her WHITE iPad 2 today… And my black 3G hasn’t even shipped yet. I ordered both at same time at 12:50 am the 11th.
      And then see this?

      FML? Yeah, I hear ya.

  1. You know you have a hit when Tom Dickson selects it for Will It Blend? Note that he never chose a Zune or an Android. The persecution rests its case.

    On a related note, my understanding is that Mr. Dickson is a friend of a certain Mr. Schiller of a certain company based in Cupertino. That might explain how he could get his mitts on an iPad 2 for um, uh, testing.

    My hope is that Charlie Sheen will be selected as the next object for Will It Blend? – that would be fun.

  2. Fug me he queued up in line for 5 hours at the Apple store to buy an iPad 2 on launch day only to reduce it to dust & microprocessor parts???

    What a complete waste man.

    He should have shoved a dead Zune or Courier tablet in there. Then when the phone rings at the end you’ll hear Bill Gates nerdy voice go, “Yeah, thrash that no good motherfu**ing Zune!! It’s dead anyway. I knew it was a dud the moment Ballmer said it could squirt!!!”

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