Consumer Reports on iPad 2: We didn’t notice any significant speed improvement

“Based on Consumer Reports’ preliminary tests with iPad 2 samples in our labs, we found the new version to be an improvement over the original iPad—without any increase in price,” Jeff Fox reports for Consumer Reports.

“One major difference in tech specs is that the iPad 2 has a new processor that’s supposed to make it far speedier than the original,” Fox reports. “While performing routine tasks such as Web browsing and e-mail in our tests, we didn’t notice any significant speed improvement.”

MacDailyNews Take: Try removing your heads from your asses.

Fox continues, “By keeping iPad 2 prices the same as those of the original iPad, Apple has kept its market-leading tablet more than competitive with the small-but-growing field of Android-based tablets. The Motorola Xoom seems to be the iPad 2’s chief rival for now, but it’s pricier than a comparably configured iPad 2, and it’s thicker and heavier as well. The iPad 2 is a very good choice in the tablet market. Still, many more tablets are expected to reach market this year. The tablet race is far from over.”

Fox reports, “We’ll continue our lab tests, including battery-life testing, and expect to add the Apple iPad 2 to our Ratings (available to subscribers) within a week or so.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Consumer Reports is a total farce.

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    1. Apple won’t give Consumer Reports free kit to upgrade their shop (read: bribe their way to good reviews) from the WinTel mess it currently “runs” on…so CR, like a crossed 2nd grader, is lashing out the only way it knows how, by making things up.

    2. Exactly. It’s dramatic, impressive and measurable with only minutes of using the device.

      The iPad 2 is remarkable in all the ways Apple claimed : feels great in your hand despite it’s similar stature, apps respond twice as quickly, and the graphics are positively glowing.

      What the iPad 2 isn’t (and Apple never claimed it was) : a good camera (because it’s terrible and lacks the flash from iPhone 4), as light as a kindle (although it is fast approaching it’s ‘hold ability’), or a fantstic HD experience (because the resolution is still a little subpar).

      I think that would have served for a consumer reports ‘at first glance’ review.

      What a farce indeed.

    1. More stupidity I’d bet, tests are probably random folk with no interest or knowledge of computers. No forward vision either, apps can now become much more powerful without slowing down the device. All apps available today are optimized to run fast on the current gen ipad.

    2. Ya think? First the iPhone 4 debacle but this takes the cake. With every tech blog doing articles about the incredible speed increase you would think CR would have at least tried….Hacks, out dated and irrelevant

      What are REAL tech sites saying?

      So why does consumer reports not see a speed increase and all these tech sites do? Because the tech sites actually scientifically benchmarked the iPad 2 rather then stick their finger up their rear. Good job consumer reports, another nail in the coffin….

  1. Stating that, “Still, many more tablets are expected to reach market this year. The tablet race is far from over,” almost belies an agenda on CR’s part. If their agenda was simply to report on the products a consumer can now purchase I’m not sure this would be there. True, they could be giving consumers fair warning, but with the lack of significant evidence that something better is around the corner, I find it somewhat suspicious. Is it that more and more publications are afraid of simply reporting the facts out of fear that they will be proved wrong in the future or is it the human nature of wanting to see (and influence) a dog race, all the while romanticizing the underdog?

  2. WTF, why do even bother with CR who cared what they think . We know they are the National Enquire of product reviews, and Apple is the star they like gossip about normally in a negative light.

  3. Well does that surprise anyone. I’m one of the fortunate ones that was able to acquire a iPad 2, and it is noticeably faster than tha first version.
    Also, testing by a number of 3rd party sites have comfermed the speed improvement.

    And really, compare the chips in both IPads, one a single core and the new one a dual core, and then say it’s not faster, Really they have shown the proof that the have no testing experience at all.

    CR Has a bias of hate towards Apple and we will see this going forward, but then again it doesn’t matter since long sales lines and the furry to have the new device shows that no matter the hate, Apple still wins and consumers are smart enough to understand what is B.S.

    These idiots have proven without a doubt how irresponsible they are, and now have sealed that with the proof for everyone to see.

    1. It is strange, as they’ve always been very fair reviewing Macs and OSX. I’m not sure it’s all intentional, though, or just human nature (see my above post). The “unreality distortion field,” I believe, is also being fueled by the clouded public’s eye, which sees Google as just so big, entrenched and invincible that they cannot possibly fathom any failure on their part. (Indeed, it’s true that Google probably will continue to be successful for some time to come.) So it’s beside the fact, to many, that Apple is now, by a large margin, a far bigger and more innovative technology company than Google. They remember that Apple was relatively recently very much down-and-out and have not digested the concept that Apple’s current and future success is and will be based on making better products, and not just a cultish fluke.

    2. I have an iPad 2 as well, and I noticed the speed improvement right away. I am guessing that CR has an agenda or lack of expertise, or maybe the accelerator pedal on their Prius got stuck?

    3. Even the grandmas that make up CR’s demographic have heard of BENCHMARKING… It’s not as if other sites haven’t already performed benchmarking which shows iPad2 roaring along at up to 3x the speed of other tablets and iPad1. There are only two possible explanations for CR’s stance – massive, massive incompetence or corruption brought about by unconscionable bias or monetary reward.

  4. Not faster…yeah, email and web browsing (w/o Flash) aren’t even going to stress a single-core processor – never mind a dual-core. It naturally wouldn’t have occurred to them to try a game – or maybe they couldn’t afford the $4.99 to buy one.

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