Apple helps iTunes users donate to Japan earthquake and tsunami victims

Apple’s iTunes Store has added links to the American Red Cross to aid Japan earthquake and tsunami victims:

Apple iTunes Store Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami donations

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. My deepest sympathies to the Japanese people. I enjoyed my brief time in Japan, and admire their organization and spirit. They’ll need lots of both in the months ahead.

    I’ve just experienced the Christchurch (NZ) earthquake, and it was terrifying. We lost over 200 people; the Japanese have lost thousands.

    A sad postscript for Mac users in NZ was the death of Murray Wood, who was in the Canterbury Television Building when it collapsed. Murray was for many years the owner and director of Magnum Mac, which is still NZ’s largest Mac retailer. Murray was a successful businessman, a dedicated Mac advocate, and a nice guy.

    Sad days indeed.

  2. I want to donate but the link isn’t working. It just takes me to the Apple Italy home page and I can’t find anything that says Red Cross or Japan. Can anyone help me?

    1. Martina, it’s an American Red Cross site, and it apparently only works for US internet users.

      I would guess that you can still donate directly through the Italian Red Cross.

  3. I am in Japan now. Please donate to the Red Cross or the international charity of your choice as soon as you can to help Japan. The next month is looking VERY bleak here already. Stores nationwide are starting to run out of the basics. Gasoline is hard to get. Rolling electricity blackouts have started. There are half a million people homeless, thousands dead and thousands missing. It is below freezing at night in the affected area, with snow on the ground. The weather for the next week is rain and snow with lower temperatures. Whatever you are going to spend on lunch tomorrow, please donate it to help Japan. My life may not depend on it just yet, but there are hundreds of thousands of people where IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. PLEASE DONATE!

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