Apple iPad 2 shipping times extended to 2-3 weeks shortly after online sales begin

iPad 2 sales began at 1am Pacific earlier today and Apple has already extended shipping times for new orders from the intially-listed 3-5 day to 2-3 weeks.

Only the 16GB Verizon iPad 2 WiFi+3G model currently retains the 3-5 day shipping designation.

The original iPad sold 300,000 units the first day, 500,000 the first week, and 1,000,000 in the first 28 days.

See the current iPad 2 models and shipping times via Apple Store Online here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you want an iPad 2 on Day One, quick, get in line!


  1. There will only be 2 million IPad2’s available for initial US launch expected to cover 2 weeks of sales, another 3 million produced for March 25 launch that should cover US and other country sales until mid April.

  2. I purchased mine in black, 32GB, WiFi 3G (GSM/AT&T) within the 3-5 day shipping time. Of course I’m curious if that will hold due to the horrific quake in Japan. Logistics will be chaos for awhile.

    Thoughts and prayers go to those in the path of that tsunami.

    1. In the nearest months or two it will not change, but further there may be some influence of Japan’s quake — because many HQ components and materials are actually produced there. Also, what is even more important, major manufacturing equipment is designed and built there, so it may influence Apple’s plan to expand production on Foxxcon or elsewhere.

  3. This may have to do with what has happened to Japan.  Although no reports yet it looks like a tsunami may have hit some of China. Even if China’s ports are not damaged, this will still affect shipping throughout the Pacific.  I think the sales will be record setting, however Japan’s earthquake will impact world trade. 

  4. Got one. But why is Apple always (ALWAYS) seriously under-stocked for these launches? A back of the envelope calculation by a first year business student could tell you, within reason, how much stock would be appropriate. So why is Apple, one of the largest and best companies in the world, always caught off guard when it comes to initial supply?

    1. It isn’t just a matter of “calculating” a number. Someone has to build the darn things, so you are projecting weeks in advance of your product launch date. Production problems and component supply/quality issues can have a big impact. In addition, there is the consideration of how long you want to wait to build up your initial inventory. Waiting costs money and gives your competitors more time to attempt to sway consumers. As long as you are confident about ramping up production, a bit of shortage at the launch of a hot product might actually be beneficial by keeping the product in the news. After all, few of those consumers will jump ship to a competitor’s product – the vast majority will wait for what they want.

    2. It’s called DEMAND, you idiot. The iPad 2 is going on sale in 28 countries, not just the United States. This means there are thousands of sales outlets requiring iPads. Apple has to depend not just on itself but on the production capacity by countless numbers of component suppliers of different chips, raw materials, screens, batteries and other components. It’s called a SUPPLY CHAIN, two words that are beyond your comprehension.

      Add to this that even a company as large as FoxConn has only so many employees. Throw too many bodies a a project and profits suffer. A concert of such complexity is far beyond a first year business school student, as you incorrectly infer.

      Learn the value of patience. You and too many others like you on this message board want everything now, Instead of arching and screaming like a four-year-old, consider the reality that exists in Japan at this moment – that is worth concern, not your infantile rant.

      Grow up.

      1. Hi Dave – I actually got mine with no hassle at all. I was merely commenting on the fact that Apple doesn’t seem to build up proper inventory to meet initial demand on any of their hot launches. If people will be waiting a few weeks for their purchase to arrive anyway then why can’t Apple delay the sale date until they can meet demand? If we all know that they’re going to sell a million iPads by the end of the month why not have a million available before launch date?

        It’s funny that you compared me to a four-year-old right after you childishly called me an idiot.

  5. Johnny Mac

    You should have taken yourself and some of your like-minded mates over to China to help on the production line. Actually, no! The upstream parts suppliers could not make enough, so your efoorts would have been wasted.

  6. @Johnny Mac, because it’s so hard and expensive to ramp up production in the early days above predicted average production levels just to quickly stockpile enough product to meet the launch day/week rush.

    All that product has to be shipped by air too.

    It’s just plain difficult logistically to make and move such a huge volume of product for a single small window of time.

  7. Thoughts and prayers with all those affected by the quake & tsunami in the pacific.

    No doubt this will impact all of us, given the importance of the Japanese economy for the rest of the world.

    1. I was watching the whole thing live last night while I was waiting to order online.
      Sad day for Japan.

      I saw the view from a helicopter watching the water come in the first time, taking the cars, buildings, and everything in it’s path with it… people with no where to go, you could see them get out of the cars and run on foot… Can’t imagine how scary that would be.

      I just hope that the loss of life is minimal.

  8. Fantastic. That way if I order online I might, just might, get the iPad right after the Playbook is launched. Fantastic timing Apple! Now can I have my money back?

    1. Sure! I’ll bet that a lot of people would be willing to take that theoretical iPad off of your hands.

      BLN, sometimes you post some good stuff and other times (like this one) your inputs are pretty lame. A couple of million people will own an iPad 2 before anyone even sees a Playbook for sale. The current speculation on the Playbook ship date is April 10, or possibly one week earlier. It reportedly just made its way through the FCC process.

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