Survey: 82% of future tablet buyers planned on buying Apple iPad – before iPad 2 was even unveiled

Paul Carton, Vice President of Research, reports for ChangeWave, “Since its initial release, the Apple iPad has been the de facto standard by which competing tablets are measured. But with the release of the iPad 2 just around the corner, can new tablets from Motorola, Research in Motion and a host of others successfully launch and compete?”

MacDailyNews Take: No.

Carton reports, “During February, ChangeWave surveyed 3,091 consumers on tablet demand and future buying trends – including customer satisfaction, tablet cannibalization of other electronic devices, and consumer preference for wireless tablet services. The survey was completed just before Apple’s iPad 2 announcement.”

“Future tablet demand remains extraordinarily high among consumers – with better than one-in-four respondents (27%) saying they plan on buying a tablet device in the future,” Carton reports. “That’s 2-pts higher than in a previous ChangeWave survey in November.”

“Focusing on just the next 90 days, 5% of respondents say they’ll be purchasing a tablet within this time frame,” Carton reports. “Once again Apple remains the overwhelming winner among planned buyers, with 82% of future tablet buyers saying they’ll be purchasing an iPad.”

Tablet Planned Purchasing

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the ubiquitous “Other” category, aka people with no practical hands-on experience whatsoever who nonetheless have firmly-held yet totally baseless opinions or, in a nutshell: former Dell DJ owners/Consumer Reports subscribers.

Carton reports, “It remains to be seen which of these tablet devices or other new entries in the market will be able to successfully compete. Each faces an uphill battle with the refreshed iPad 2 hitting the shelves on March 11. The survey results provide further insight into what they’re up against. Importantly, the iPad’s satisfaction rating [95%] remains outstanding among owners.”

Looking at the following list of products, are there any that you had previously planned on buying but have put on hold or canceled because you purchased a new tablet device? (Check All That Apply)

iPad Satisfaction Rating - February 2011
Note: 2% of iPad owners selected “Don’t Know/NA”

Carton reports, “To better understand the threat tablets pose to other electronic devices, we asked current Tablet owners whether there were any other products that they had originally planned on buying but had put on hold or canceled in order to purchase a tablet.”

What products is iPad cannibalizing?

Carton reports, “According to the survey findings, the two product lines most vulnerable to the tablet onslaught are eReaders and Laptops.”

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  1. What is truly telling is that one in FIVE laptops/netbooks will NOT be bought because of the “tablet” (which is, for all intents and purposes, an iPad). 20% is a massive dent in the most robust segment of the PC market (portable/ultraportable).

    More than likely, most will continue to blame “soft” economy for the lack of growth.

  2. Would be interesting to know what type of crowd the survey was done on?
    Techie’s, man on the street, geeks in Best Buy, soccer moms…?

    Depending on the sample, you could get very different numbers.

    Most of the general public have no idea that there is other tablets out there. They only know the iPad.

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