Motorola’s share price Xooms to the negative following iPad 2 debut

“Shares of Motorola Mobility slumped Thursday as the new iPad won rave reviews, with one analyst saying Apple Inc. just blew away its rival’s chances of positioning its Xoom tablet as a key competitor,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Motorola Mobility shares fell [5.99%] after Cowen and Company also downgraded the stock to neutral from outperform, a day after Apple took the wraps of the iPad 2,” Pimentel reports. “‘Motorola Mobility’s window of opportunity to establish Xoom looks to be narrowing more rapidly than expected as Apple’s iPad 2 launches in the U.S. next week at mostly sub-Xoom price points and sporting a stronger than anticipated feature set,’ analyst Matthew Hoffman said in a note.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There was no window of opportunity for Motorola’s eXhume and anyone who couldn’t see that fact surrounded by virtual flashing neon lights couldn’t analyze their way out of a wet paper bag.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Winston” for the heads up and the headline idea.]


  1. And for Motorola’s encore? Attach a keyboard to the Xoom. It’s time the Xoom came out of the closet anyway and embrace its true aspiration, that of becoming a PC one day. Maybe you can send it back in a month and get it back with the keyboard.

  2. These are the same water logged rocks that said then iPad (1 Gen) could or would not sell more than a couple of million.

    Yet, they forecast again and again in a clueless and blind state. Sad we have such waste of bio-chemistry!

  3. Moto, and the rest should have looked for easier pickings elsewhere in the consumer tech fields.

    Now they have devoted their organization’s slim resources into a fight they will simply cannot win:

    > Apple has at least a three year head start, and is just toying with them like a big tomcat toying with a half dead mouse.

    > They are totally dependent on Google for the OS. Google doesn’t give a damn about building a quality OS, just eyeballs and private data to pimp to the highest bidder. Not to mention Google stole Oracle’s (Sun) IP to cobble together Android. The day of reckoning will come.

    > Everyone and his brother will be an “Android partner” except RIM, Apple, and MSFT. So Moto, HTC, blah, blah, blah have no way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the Android hordes. How do you grow your business when you sell a commodity for more than the top brand?


    1. how is not being able to differentiate your OS (as a manufacturer) any worse than not being able to different your OS/hardware (as a consumer)… the custom additions you can add to your Iphone is a fancy case

      p.s. regardless of what OS I like (runs android, but is a closet WebOs fan, and appreciates APPL’s hardware design)… everything I stated above was true, anyone who is silly enough to claim otherwise is completely delusional and stuck within the RDF that is Mr. Jobs

  4. next will be Rimm

    Rim stock has been shooting up matching aapl the last few months with Playbook expectations (a more dead device than even the xoom – battery hog that requires tethering to blackberries to work fully). Today Rimm went up another 4% twice aapl (with iPad 2) on blackberry messenger rumours. All those blackberry using mutual and pension fund managers dumping their clients cash into the pit….

    (actually I’m envious, should have bought rimm six months ago when they announced the Playbook – stock has gone up 50% – but I never expected investors to be so dumb as to buy the stock because of it! .. and dudes 6 months since they announced it and not shipped, what does that tell you?)

  5. All Motorola has to do is license Windows 7 Tablet Edition for use on Xoom hardware and it’s over for MAC and their crappy I-Pads. Android already won the emerging tablet market and adding Windows would simply destroy MAC once and for all. Plus it would give customers choice.

    Could you smell the fear in Cupertino after that pitiful presentation yesterday? Motorola has nothing to worry about.

    1. @ Zune Tang – your comments are hilarious. You are such a funny troll or a closet Apple lover that loves to play games with our minds.

      In any case – it’s always an entertaining read.

  6. Other tech mfg had plenty of chances to establish an iPad type device. Instead these tech lemmings rushed down the small, dysfunctional notebook path.

    Meanwhile, as Apple looked over the precipice waving the iPad at the free-fall below, one lemming was heard saying to another “iPad is DOA…will never fly”. 😉

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