The 10 best things in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview

Matt Braga reports for Tested, “Although Lion is still months from release, we’ve compiled a modest list of Apple’s ten most promising features — some big, some small.”

• About This Mac Revamped
• Resize Windows From Any Corner
• Full-screen Apps
• Improved Crash Handling
• Mission Control
• Gestures
• Resume
• Versions
• Launchpad
• Airdrop

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. every thing rocks,

    except the resize windows from every side/corner crap, it makes it look like windows 3.1

    seriously!!! what’s wrong with the little glyph in the lower right corner, that also easily tells you when a window is resizable, and trying to carefully position the cursor of the edge of the window sounds hard, either that or when you go to move something in a lower window it will resize the one your working in instead. I /really/ hope there is a user default to disable that.

    but everything else sounds really cool!! 😀

    1. I’d look forward to window resize from any corner and hopefully an side. I use Windows at work and a Mac at home and I do miss easy windows resizing on my Mac. A user selectable setting would suit us both 🙂

    2. Apple intended to do this since OS X 10.0. They only held it longer because Apple users tend to be ironically conservative with OS changes.

      Guess they should have waited a couple more years…

    3. I always thought that the Mac OS X limitation on resizing only from the lower right corner was a pain. On a few occasions, I have been faced with an oversized window that did not provide access to the green dot or the lower right corner…that’s right, stuck.

      If Apple implements this new window resizing feature correctly (and they have a pretty good track record with user interfaces), then it should work fine for everyone.

  2. Looks good so far!

    How about adding:

    – A true maximize window function, click the green button and the window fills except for the dock and the menu bar.

    – The ability to set which programs should open either Maximized or Full screen.

    – Smooth medium and large mouse pointers.

    – Faster Magic mouse with ability to adjust mouse speed and acceleration speed.

    1. – i like the zoom button. i just wish it was more content aware because it doesn’t even work properly on apple’s own website
      – i don’t think i’d find the ability to specify what programs maximize or fullscreen themselves automatically to be useful personally
      – larger pointers that don’t look like ass… yes.
      – for bigger monitors i’m guessing the magic mouse must move too slow. i thought it was fine on my 13″ mbp.

    1. From what I understand, the apps don’t /really/ run all the time. this is an illusion much like in early iphone os (2-3) where apps can get push notifications (and now scheduled notifications) and where the automatically load what you where working on before you quit the app.
      I just hope they don’t appear on the dock when you launch them, the dock would be nice if it didn’t constantly move around/shrink.

    1. I totally agree. I count at least a dozen apps listed in System Profiler that I use on a fairly regular basis that are PPC. What will it be next… drop support for Universal apps?

  3. Thing Number 11: You get to buy upgrades to all your PowerPC apps. If you’re like me, it’ll cost you a bundle. Here’s how to tell what you’ll need to buy:

    * Apple menu: About This Mac
    * Click More Info…
    * Click Software:Applications (wait – takes a while to populate the list if you’ve got tons of apps.)
    * Click “Kind” header to sort the list.

    All those “PowerPC” apps won’t run under Lion.

      1. The Mac 6100 is a PPC based computer, right?

        Snow Leopard won’t install on it, it’s Intel only. Why would you expect any newer versions of OSX to install on it?

            1. I have to say, I’m one of those guys who never gets rid of ANYTHING. Still have a PM 6100 out in the shed running Nubus Linux, a PM 9500 running OS X using XPostFacto, a PowerBook 1400 running Debian Sarge, and numerous PM G4 servers running various flavors of PPC Linux.

              But I do most of my real work on a 2008 Mac Pro running Snow Leopard.

            2. I have had my 17″ MBP for two years and do all of my work on it.

              Prior to that, I ran RH and Fedora Linux on Dell laptops for almost 10 years. Based upon that experience and dealing with the proprietary drivers, I know what it is like to be the functional technology step child, given the lack of resources to keep supporting older and older HW in an environment (desktop/laptop Linux) that overall, has a rather small market share.

              It’s one of the reasons I look forward to true WDE in Lion, as I commented below. I can get rid of products from vendors, for whom OSX is clearly an after-thought.

              Like death and taxes, technology moving forward is an inevitability…you can only expect companies with finite resources to support products for just so long…or they won’t stay in business.

  4. OK, seriously, how can they leave out the introduction of true whole disk encryption with pre-boot authentication, to replace the problematic FileVault? It may be the single biggest security enhancement to OSX since its birth.

    The ability to create a fully encrypted internal HD and even encrypt external HD’s (think encrypted TimeMachine backups) is a major step forward and will enable us to finally toss problematic third party apps.

    FileVault was problematic on so many levels, including the lack of compatibility with Apple’s own TimeMachine.

    This is the single biggest reason that I am looking forward to Lion.

  5. I hope Apple compile it run only in 64-bit, instead of compiling 10.0 to 10.6 with 32 bit subset. And release 10.6 to 10.7 for PowerPC too( 100% better). Make it A “true” 64-bit system, Steve.

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