Consumer Reports was wrong on Verizon iPhone 4; so-called ‘death grip’ fixed by Apple

“Consumer Reports’ made waves last week with its decision not to recommend the Verizon iPhone 4 because of the same ‘death grip’ antenna problem that plagues AT&T’s iPhone 4,” David Goldman reports for CNN/Money. “But the magazine may have made the wrong call: Tests show that Verizon’s version is significantly improved over its rival’s.”

MacDailyNews Take: Made waves with the Hoveround crowd, maybe. Consumer Reports’ demographic is the non-coveted “older than dirt” segment. Which probably explains why the rag has to grasp at Apple’s coattails in a desperate quest for relevance. If Consumer Reports thinks that this is a good way to get the interest of a younger demo, they’re sadly mistaken. Anyone under the age of embalmed now knows that Consumer Reports is a piece of shit. The National Enquirer has a sounder grasp of the scientific method. And, there’s no “may have.” Consumer Reports did make the wrong call because a) they’re desperate for readers who still possess a pulse; and/or b) their staff of pretend “scientists”/publicity whores did yet another shitty job.

Goldman reports, “Gadget analysis group AnandTech, which was the first to diagnose the iPhone 4 antenna issue, ran a thorough test of the new Verizon iPhone 4 and found that the ‘death grip’ problem has been mitigated. ‘Apple fixed the problem,’ said Brian Klug, author of AnandTech’s report. ‘You can use the Verizon Wireless iPhone with no case without any concern for losing signal because of how it’s held.’ AnandTech founder Anand Shimpi criticized the Consumer Reports study for failing to provide data to support its findings. Consumer Reports spokeswoman Melissa Valentino declined to offer the group’s test results, only saying that the Verizon iPhone and the AT&T iPhone performed ‘similarly’ in tests.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, gee, where’d the “test results” go, Missy? “Tests.” Pfft. The only thing that performed “similarly” in both cases is Consumer Reports. Their quest for free publicity long ago turned into a self-immolating vendetta as toothless as their decaying readership. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that shitty self-described “scientists” produce shit “science.”

Goldman reports, “The AnandTech study, however, showed that the Verizon iPhone performed roughly on par with its non-iPhone peers — and far better than the AT&T version — in terms of cell signal attenuation… So why does Verizon’s iPhone fare better than its AT&T cousin? A key difference lies in its antenna architecture.”

“A teardown analysis performed by IHS iSuppli revealed that the Verizon iPhone kept the same integrated antenna design of the AT&T iPhone, but Apple made several improvements to fix the signal problems that the earlier model. The Verizon antenna employs a ‘dual-antenna design that takes advantage of antenna diversity to improve reception,’ iSuppli said in its analysis,” Goldman reports. “Unlike its competition, Verizon requires that all of its smartphones have multiple antennas that can be switched depending on which one has a better signal. That so-called antenna diversity also allows the phone to average out the two antennas to get a better signal.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, the Verizon iPhone 4 does not have the same “death grip” issue as the AT&T iPhone 4 and, oh by the way, all cellphones attenuate when held in certain ways as Apple proved with numerous videos last summer and YouTube users prove daily. Therefore, big surprise: Consumer Reports is wrong. Again.

Hey, did we mention that Consumer Reports is a piece of shit? Tell your great, great grandma to cancel her subscription.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ken M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Every time I see video of CR “scientists,” they look like college freshmen who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. The magazine itself may be useless, but they’re quoted endlessly in the media, whose audience doesn’t even get to read the whole thing in context to realize how incomplete or full of BS the rating assessments are.

    1. I don’t think MDN meant it the way you think they did. What did you think when Maobama said he bowled like a “retard” on the Jay Leno show? Same outrage? And we hope we will all make there one day. The way the liberals are ruining the earth and world I don’t think so. Death panels in the MaobamaScare (the illegal healthcare take over for the slow ones) that is unconstitutional and worse. Gas and food prices sky rocketing. It’s all going exactly as planned as far as those Marxist lunatics are concerned. People at Costco where I buy bulk for my business we’re completely freaked out at what is happening. Those are the same people that voted for Maobama. I overheard large numbers of them complaining about food and fuel costs, and Maobama. These people buy most of their necessities at Costco/Walmart type places. They are extremely worried. As is anyone with a brain. Vote conservative next year and save the world!

  2. The best way to destroy Consumer Reports is to call their Experts ( credentials and all) to a public challenge on everything they portend and to profess to. Maybe another publication called Inside Consumer Reports is appropriate…

  3. Hey MDN, tell us how you really feel.

    CR is a piece of shit. Wow. That’s the type of comment that is usually reserved for us MDN commentors. You are absolutely right, however.

    1. Hating Microsoft is like laughing at that guy from high school football team, who used to bully you and but is now in a wheelchair. Nobody does that. There is bigger evil than M$.

  4. CR for electronics? Not useful IMO. But CR also tests other things such as exterior paints and stains, hand tools, power tools, cars, etc. Some of the info is useful. I hate to see an across the board trashing of CR just because of their iPhone 4 garbage. That sort of thing should be saved for Microsoft 😉

    1. Ahhh, a voice of reason. I totally agree with you. While CR’s taste in electronics is questionable, that isn’t the case for the thousands of other things they test.

      To trash them the way they’re being trashed here, especially by MDN, is quite uncalled for and a bit nasty.

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