Apple posts video of Steve Jobs’ iPad 2 keynote

Apple has posted streaming video of today’s iPad 2 special event which was keynoted by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Safari on iOS 3 or later.

See it here.


    1. I think he looks fine., especially standing in front of a 20 feet tall iPad 2.
      I’ve already watched the keynote 3 times. I bet he gave one to Obama on the sly after their dinner last month. Obama is about the only person who could keep that secret. Beware the ides of March has a whole new meaning for Apple’s competitors now.

  1. I guess Steve Jobs presentations will forever be referred to as a “keynote,” even when it is not. 🙂 The one remaining actual keynote is the one at WWDC.

    I suppose it kinda makes sense, since he uses Keynote to create and deliver it.

    OK, time to watch…

    1. I like the $2,000,000,000 check, make out to “Developers” and signed by “Steve Jobs.”

      Wow! That is REALLY thin. 9x faster dual core. Gyros. Decent cameras. 10 hours still, with much less internal volume. No change in price points. “Competitors flummoxed,” indeed.

      “We’re shipping WHITE from DAY ONE.” LOL

      Wait… the magnets are embedded in the iPad, not the cover; iPad 2 is going to be adopting up a lot of stray paperclips. 🙂

      Scott Forstall is Apple’s second-best “keynoter.” Really nice job. Actually, all the other presenters did a great job.

      Garageband for iPad – That is TRULY remarkable. $4.99, are you kidding me…? Some people are going to be buying iPad just for this one app.

      Steve Jobs looks and sounds great.

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