World’s largest book publisher Random House may soon join Apple’s iBookstore

“In a brief statement to the media Monday, Random House said that it has agreed to ‘the agency model for e‐book sales’ in the U.S. effective Tuesday,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “That means that going forward, ‘Random House will set consumer prices for the e‐ books we publish, and […] will provide retailers with a commission for each sale,’ the publisher said.”

Marsal reports, “The concession could bring to an end a near year-long standoff between Random House and Apple’s iTunes-based iBookstore, which operates on the so called ‘agency model’ that allows the company serving the content to take a cut of sales. For its iBookstore, Apple employs the same 70-30 split that has seen renowned success on its App Store for software on the iPhone and iPod touch.”

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    1. That’s a good point. At first I thought I would just stick with iBooks, but then I realized that Amazon is putting their entire catalog on Kindle, and since Kindle has an iPhone app, I can certainly buy Kindle books if that’s the only iPad version available, and I can buy iBooks if it’s cheaper. 🙂

  1. I own an iPad AND a Kindle now . . . And I have learned from personal experience why the latter is always shown in its commercials OUTSIDE or on a beach somewhere: Without SERIOUS additional lighting the thing is unreadable! Notice that? Yes, in iPad1 reflectivity is a problem outdoors. But indoors the Kindle is unusable without a great deal of ambient light over one’s shoulder! Notice how the Amazon device is almost always paired with a little reading light in its online sales sites, built into a case or otherwise? I wish Apple would point this out in one of THEIR ads sometime. (I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t do a lot of reading on my lawn or under a tree anymore!)

    1. NO, we do not want to see Apple stooping to that level. Apple makes the best and there is no other tablet that can be in the same shot as the iPad. There are people who love the Kindle as a reader, they may (soon??) want an iPad as well. Do not antagonize them.

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