Apple invites media to special iPad event on March 2

iPad 2nd generation special event“Apple on Wednesday sent an invitation to media inviting them to a special event on March 2 in San Francisco, Calif,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am,” Dalrymple reports. “This is the same venue Apple has used to introduce a number of products in recent years.”

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  1. If the iPad 2 won’t have a higher res display, how come the invite shows the line/streak indicating retina display?
    Compare to iPhone 4, iPod Touch, then look at the current images of iPad on Apple’s website – no tell-tale streak for the latter.
    What will 2011 be the year of? How about higher res displays? Please!

    1. It is something that people have become accustomed to, nobody even thinks about, and therefore nobody ever gets properly punished for.

      It keeps getting glossed over, which makes it the number one thing I’m really annoyed by…

    1. I noticed that lol.
      Or maybe cause I have to buy two….
      Going to an expensive year for me.
      Good for apple though, 2 iPads, at least 1 iMac in June/July. And maybe an airport extreme for my mother…

  2. What Apple is putting on YBC now looks like the back of an iPad’ you know… The black colored Apple logo. If I have to make a prediction on what Apple will reveal on 3/2, I guess they will be…
    (1) iPad 2.0 (WiFi, CDMA & 3G ; Black & White colored)
    (2) White iPhone
    (3) New iTunes
    (4) iOS 5 preview
    …etc.. Don’t forget about the “One More Thing” 🙂

    I suspect Tim Cook will take the stage instead of Steve Jobs…

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