Apple releases iPod nano 6G Software Update 1.1

Apple has released iPod software update version 1.1 for iPod nano (6th generation) which allows users to:

• Completely turn off the iPod, rather than just put the device to sleep.
• Control music or radio playback using the Sleep/Wake button without having to look at the device.

Turning iPod nano off completely and turning it on again
Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for several seconds to turn iPod nano off completely. Note: If the iPod nano (6th generation) is showing that it’s charging or attached to a powered accessory or cable, you cannot turn off the iPod until you detach the accessory or cable from the device.

To turn iPod nano back on, hold down the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds.

Turning iPod nano off completely causes the following to occur::
• Music or other audio that’s playing on the device stops.
• Paused radio clears.
• If a slideshow is playing on the device, it stops.
• If a voice memo is being recorded, it stops and saves.
• The pedometer stops.
• Nike + workout data stops and saves.

Notes: When the iPod nano is off, you will not hear or be alerted to any alarm or reminder set on the iPod. When you turn iPod nano back on, alarms or reminders that haven’t yet expired will occur as scheduled.

If you turn iPod nano back on within five minutes of when it was turned off, it will remember your music playlist and what was playing. However, if you turn iPod nano back on more than five minutes after it was turned off, the device will not remember what you were doing on the device or which application was active.

Controlling audio playback with the Sleep/Wake button
You can double-click the Sleep/Wake button to play the next audio track, or change the setting so that double-clicking pauses or plays the current track. To set the Sleep/Wake button for audio playback:

1. On the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Tap Music, and then tap the Sleep/Wake Button.
3. Tap the On/Off switch.
4. Tap either Next Track or Play/Pause.

You can also set the Sleep/Wake button to skip to the next radio station, or change the Sleep/Wake setting so that double-clicking pauses or plays live radio.

To update, connect your iPod nano to your computer and update via iTunes.


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