RIM needs to shut up and ship

“Remember the good old days when companies would announce a product and then actually ship something? RIM doesn’t,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “They seem to think it’s okay to just keep announcing vaporware and not ship anything.”

• In September 2010 RIM announced the PlayBook, an iPad competitor running the BlackBerry OS. That hasn’t shipped yet.
• In January 2011 RIM announced the PlayBook 4G, upping the ante on its competition by including the next generation data connection. That hasn’t shipped yet.
• In February 2011, RIM outdid itself and announced the PlayBook 4G LTE, HSPA+ and Mobile WiMAX models. They haven’t shipped.

Dalrymple writes, “That’s three generations of PlayBook tablets announced in five months and we still haven’t seen a single product make it to market. The media seems enamored with the PlayBook and don’t ask the obvious question — where are the products? So, I will say what most people are thinking at this point. RIM, SHUT UP AND SHIP!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shutting up isn’t a very effective way to run a buyout dog and pony show. Neither is shipping a failed product. Just ask Rubenstein et al. over at Palm HP.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Branwdo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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    1. Speaking of which…

      I’m beginning to think that when Apple does finally introduce the iPad 2, it will be available on that day. Seems like we’re getting awfully close to last year’s release date.

      Has anyone noticed if iPad supply is drying up in the channel yet? They may be waiting to sell off most stock before making an announcement.

      1. Apple will probably announce iPad sometime in March, and start shipping it a week or two later in order to give time for pre-orders.

        The supply of current iPad model will probably not dry up, since they are expected to sell it alongside iPad 2, so they need to keep making them.

        1. I don’t expect the existing iPad to continue. Like the original iPhone, it was extremely successful, but Apple learned a lot from producing “version 1.0.” All the new iPads will incorporate those refinements, including changes that help lower production costs.

  1. Well they just need to keep reminding everyone that they do have a product that will eventually make it to market, hopefully.

    This happens with new Apple products as well, not because of Apple continuously reminding everyone, but because of the constant free press Apple gets, positive or negative. The iPad gets a lot of press, especially when a new tablet is announced. They always pit themselves against the iPad; Playbook vs. iPad, Galaxy Tab vs. iPad, Xoom vs. iPad, Android 3.0 vs. iPad, TouchPad vs. iPad.

    That’s a lot of free press and is the #1 reason why the iPad will continue to lead in mind share by a large margin. This is the same phenomenon that helps keep the iPhone in the public eye all year ’round, even though only 1 model is released in a year.

    Think about the fact that Apple has publicly talked the iPad only twice in one year’s time: at the introduction and the release of iOS 4.2, and yet the iPad is in the news EVERY DAY!!!

  2. All the Apple haters were flying off at their foaming mouths about the Adam from Notion Ink. I thought it had actually been manufactured and started to ship. Where are all the reviews? Gee, can I be cynical enough to postulate that there are reviews, and they all say it sucks? It was so truly grating and annoying to listen to all tirades about the iPad, and how the Adam was going to be The One to Wait For. Que sera sera.

  3. Maybe RIM forgot to order enough touch panels to actually make more than demos. Apple already bought 60% of all supplies for the year. The rest of the eager beavers probably have put cash on the rest. RIM management is not about to embarrass themselves by revealing mismanagement moves. They will probably trot out some R&D delay BS.

  4. The Siamese twins from RIM just need to shut up. Who the hell has two CEO’s? Oh, that’s right. It’s a company from Canada, where you can find a country within a country.

  5. Introducing… The VaporPad®.
    7 USB ports
    7 HDMI ports
    7 Firewire 3200 ports
    1 Infrared sensor
    Sony MiniDisc optical drive
    Sony Blu-Ray drive

    Made completely of TruVapor (patent pending) — LiquidMetal’s got nothing on us.

  6. Actually, shipping a failed product wasn’t that bad of move for Palm, but given RIM’s track record with the Torch, I can see why they’re not anxious to release anything.

  7. I belie there will continue to be a market for iPad v1. There are companies which would likely prefer not to have cameras in their devices for corporate security purposes. May be a market in education also, especially if the price point drops to say $375 with education discounts.

  8. From the article:

    “He (Jim Balsillie) also said, “I think the PlayBook redefines what a tablet should do.”
    Really, Jim? You had no idea what a tablet was until the iPad was released and now you’re an expert on redefining an entire market.”

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