Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg to meet with Obama on February 17

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who recently took a medical leave of absence from his company, and Google chief executive Eric Schmidt will be among the attendees of President Obama’s event with business leaders in San Francisco Thursday evening, a source familiar with the event tells ABC News,” Jake Tapper reports for ABC News.

Tapper notes, “Jobs has been the subject of tabloid rumors and rampant speculation about his health since announcing last month that was taking a medical leave for undisclosed reasons… Jobs, Schmidt and Zuckerberg will be among many business leaders in technology and innovation the president will sit down and talk to, as he continues to sell his State of the Union message.”

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  1. I’m guessing that you all-too-common conservatives think that there is nothing collusional about the relation of Steve’s technological and aesthetic aspirations and his political beliefs? Jobs is proving that a guy can make the money even when it’s not ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

    1. But, he is still taking the money! From Rockefeller to the Kennedys, and beyond, the Leftinistas playing the rich-is-evil card while UNcommonly rich is the perfect definition of IRONIC.

      What a flipping idiot….

    2. Of course it’s all about the money. Silicon Valley execs front companies that are some of the most cash-rich in the world.

      Apple has over $60B in cash, and guess what? A good chunk of that is from overseas, and is sitting in overseas accounts. Why? They’re waiting for Obama to reduce the taxes on the repatriation of foreign profits. Tomorrow, Steve and other Silicon Valley execs get to lobby Obama.

      Apple is good, but they’re also about the money.

    1. You are so right. You see, Barack Obama is actually a Muslim spy who was smuggled into Hawaii with a fake birth certificate. Since before he could talk, he’s been hiding his Islamic faith and pretending to be a Christian, solely to rise to the office of President. He’s been quietly waiting for word from his Muslim leaders to launch the nuclear weapons against us. This is all thanks to you liberals for voting in a guy with the middle-name, Hussein. You’ve doomed us all!!!

        1. Practicalist hit the nail on the head. There are 10 states enacting laws to require the full original birth certificate be filed to be on their ballot. Good luck getting re-elected Obaminidadjad! We’re taking our country back. The only real original birth certificate of Obmaninidadjad is one from Kenya. Where are his college records?? Sealed up because he was a foreign exchange student. I have to show more paper work to get a driver’s license than this phony christian has. Reverend Wrong anyone. Bill Ayers??????

            1. -8,

              Google the states putting the Birth Certificate laws in place jack ass. You’re the one that has his head up his ass trying to defend the Maobama Regime.

          1. John McCain was not born in the US, he was born in the Panama Canal Zone.  His parents were US citizens, so that is why he is an American by birth.  Obama’s mother was a US citizen, so even if this was true he would still be just as much as a citizen as McCain.  There is a Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama, states have to except it just as much as Hawaii has to except theirs.  Do you really think the Clinton camp would not have used that against him if they could?  

            If you voted for McCain and think you have to be born on US soil to be President, then you are a hypocrite.  If you were able to vote and did not, then you have no reason to complain.             

            1. McLame and Maobama are not at all alike. McLame was born to active duty US Armed Forces parents on a base, treated like US soil. Maobama was born in Kenya and if you have been following the news at all, his buddy, the governor of Hawaii, said they can’t find the original. They only have this computer generated thing. Hawaii would let people born elsewhere in the world file for a Hawaiian birth certificate even though they weren’t born there. It doesn’t make any sense but they would. Google it. The only real-original birth certificate out there is from Kenya. Maobama’s grandmother said he was born in Kenya. There is video of Maobama’s wife saying in Maobama’s home country of Kenya. You would have to be a complete idiot to think Maobama was really born in the US. Hence 10 states and counting enacting laws to require the original long form birth certificate to be on the 2012 ballot in their states. Why because Maobamo Regime is destroying the US at break neck speed.

        2. @superchief50 I give you credit for speaking up. You’re a dying breed, a moderate republican who can think rationally. Most have converted to Independents or are hiding in the shadows and that’s a shame.
          I hate to say this and I never usually do, but race is so engrained in the American psyche that people find a multitude of ways to disguise it. It’s a lot easier to demonize a “Kenyan Mooslim” than just simply saying there’s a nigger in the white house and I’m scared. That’s really all this vitriol boils down to; fear of “the other”. Even when the other is one of your own.

      1. Wow when I first read that I assumed it was a joke but now I fear you may actually believe all that garbage you just typed…
        I can make up facts too, it’s easy. Bill Clinton was actually a hyper intelligent wombat in a very sophisticated human suit. The moon is made of styrofoam and wax. See, just cause you can imagine something doesn’t make it true.

      2. So wait… Bush funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into invading foreign countries to liberate them… About a trillion a year as well as tax cutting the top end of town. Corrupt unregulated companies and financiers lost hundreds of billions of dollars and threatened to undermine the whole financial system. Obama bailed them out and prevented the system from collapse.
        Obama wants to return the to try to surplus. But the 11 trillion in debt is somehow magically Obama’s fault? The debt was in the white house BEFORE he arrived.

        1. Nice try Dirt Balls. We’re attacked by terrorists on 9/11. Thousands of people die. Liberal-commies and true American conservatives alike had the same intelligence. Everyone was for the wars. Maobama and the Government Controlled media win the next election after the Democrat-Commie controlled congress digs us into a huge hole from 2006-2008. Maobama Regime steels the insane amounts of TARP/Stimulus money. Where’s all the infrastructure rebuilding on the “Shovel Ready” jobs???? Money stolen and siphoned off to unions. In Maobama’s first year of office he spent more than presidents combined in total. He illegally took over car companies to save the unions. He has an unconstitutional Maobama “Care” system ready to go that will absolutely put this country out for the count. CAP and TAX, Internet Kill Buttons, Gitmo still open, Still fighting Wars that he said he wouldn’t, Zero Transparency, etc., etc., etc. Maobama is a total liar and fraud. Can’t wait for that new being on the ballot original Birth certificate law to kick in in 10 states and rising. Suck it liberal-commies.

  2. If the Apple team was put in charge of USA infrastructure the country would look superb and roads bridges etc would not only look great but be well built and function smoothly. Plains trains and buses would run on time.
    Security would be pretty good as well.
    The whole system would be run by Apple products. Sweet!

      1. I have been a democrat for 40 years and have officially switched parties. These people are not the democrat party I knew. They are flat out Marxists and they are out to destroy our beloved country. Never again voting democrat!

      2. Good for you! I have nothing against reasonable conservatism. I hold a number of conservative viewpoints myself, although I don’t buy into the entire dogma. Life is too complex to be reasonably and accurately enveloped by the platform of either party.

        However, when reasoned discourse is abandoned for extreme intolerance, irrationality, labeling, and slavish adherence to party doctrine, everyone loses.

        Discipline, reason, open debate, and a willingness to make the difficult decisions and sacrifice now for the benefit of future generations – those are the lessons that we should take to heart from the history of our country.

    1. You’re so right, and it all accomplishes nothing.

      The level of disrespect for people, for Presidents, property and everything else, including Steve Jobs privacy tonight, is just unreal these days.

      The phrase you just quoted above many people believe, they truly believe it! Many of these same people also believe Obama is a Muslim, they believe it with all their hearts.

      And I want to tell these people they are all nuts, but then I become an active participant and aren’t helping anyone.

      Crazy I tell ya. Crazy.

      1. This discourse is only troubling to you when your dear leader is the one being raked over the coals for the destruction he is causing. Interesting how civil you commies are towards conservatives. Stuff it moron. And Obamaninadjad is a full on Muslim and not a legal citizen. The phony church he started going to is a racist, USA, hating organization. Pure scum of the earth.

  3. Just like the old saying…” If you don’t like it, leave!!…” or something similar.

    If you don’t like Apple, then don’t use Apple products.
    If you don’t like technology leaders, then don’t use any one of their products and services.
    If you don’t like capitalism, then move to North Korea.

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