AT&T to put iPad accessories on sale for 50% off on Feb. 13; iPad 2 coming soon?

According to a report from BGRs Jonathan Geller that’s based upon “a couple of tips,” AT&T corporate stores will slash prices in half on all Apple iPad accessories beginning February 13th.\

Geller reports, “Our tipsters note that AT&T usually doesn’t clearance items unless a replacement is imminent.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Cool.

    My Corp discount gives me 50% discount on acc anyway, on everything that doesn’t say apple anyway.
    Now I’ll be able to grab a new case. Now watch… It will be only on a few items lol

  2. Why would accessories be discontinued? Accessories should work with iPad2 just as well as iPad1. Doesn’t really make sense to me. Maybe it’s just a “loss leader” to boost sales at a time when sales are slower anyway…

    1. Cases will be a tad different.
      Maybe the iPad 2 is slimmer, may not fit snug in the iPad cases out now.

      I assume things like the dock and camera kit won’t be discounted.
      The sale will prob be only cases and covers etc.

      1. Think about it, we are about 5 weeks or so from the launch of the iPad 1 anniversary.

        Pass the sale off as a valentines day sale etc. Clear out the inv in time to make room for the iPad 2 acc that will have to be in stock prior to the launch, or lose sales to just about everyone else.

          1. I dont think iPad 1 is going anywhere. I think it will get priced at 399 and I already know a handful of people that would buy that over anything in iPad 2 unless iPad 2 has something revolutionary.

  3. If you go to ATT site right now their accessories such as cases and covers are already 50% off, they are calling it an “online discount” you can compare the prices of cases such as the speck candyshell sells for 50 at and its 19.99 at att’s online store. Not sure if its always been that way, seems unlikely but who knows.

  4. The original iPad should never have been released without a front-facing camera. This feature alone will make the iPad 2 a highly desirable upgrade. It also desperately needs an I/O port. One can hope.

    1. And the iPhone 3GS should never have been released, nor the non-SSD MacBooks, nor the 1st Gen MBA because is was so slow! Seriously. Glad your not in charge. You never send anything out the door because it would have the latest/greatest tech specs. A 70% solution violently executed is better than a fool-proof plan sitting in a desk somewhere.

    2. the iPhone 4 was to be the FIRST apple ios device with FaceTime. if the iPhone 4 was not left in a bar for the whole world to see prior to the unveiling of the iPad… you wouldnt be saying that.
      Yes i held off buying an iPad for a long time, because of no camera.. but i understand that the iPhone was/is the Flagship ios device.
      you dont see a Car manufacturer drop the newest, biggest, most powerfull engine in a brand new car they are bringing to market, like the Camaro when Chevy brought it back. they drop that big engine in their flagship car first. (Corvette. Camaro has a tuned down version of the Corvette’s)
      same with Dodge/Ford/Toyota/Subaru/etc.

      Apple was no different.
      Besides, Apple may have had size issues or something trying to cram a camera inside the ipad. or maybe they needed to work out FaceTime issues still.. decided to scrap the iPad camera and get it ready for the iPhone.

      “This feature alone will make the iPad 2 a highly desirable upgrade”
      i agree 10000%
      “It also desperately needs an I/O port. One can hope.”
      SD slot would be the only I/O port worth doing, and thats not even needed… USB port? go back to the 90’s, not needed.
      Micro SD maybe..

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