European newspaper publishers warn Apple over iTunes App Store sales

“Apple is being warned against trying to squeeze cash out of the newspaper industry by controlling subscriptions for iPads and iPhones,” BBC News reports.

“The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) says it is concerned by the company’s plans to direct online sales through iTunes,” The Beeb reports. “If that happens, the ENPA warns, a large cut of their profits would go to Apple.”

“Apple declined to comment on the ENPA’s criticism,” The Beeb reports. “The company has previously denied that it plans to stop users from buying subscriptions through publishers’ own websites. However, it has introduced a rule that newspaper apps must include an option to purchase through iTunes.”

MacDailyNews Take: And, so, the ENPA’s “concerns” are baseless.

The Beeb reports, “Critics argue that the ease of ‘in app’ subscription means most users will opt for Apple’s preferred method.”

MacDailyNews Take: Tough.

The Beeb reports, “In a related move, Belgium’s economy minister has called for an official investigation into Apple’s plans to sell e-newspapers. Vincent Van Quickenborne has suggested that the company may be abusing its dominant position in the market.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like Q needs to go back to law school.

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  1. IDK about all this mumbo jumbo, but Palm is introducing the new tablet from them, and it looks pretty impressive. The multitasking is build in and seemless, runs smooth, so are the notifications. Built in and seemless. Feels like a complete package, not features added in after the fact.

  2. European press association does not warn retail sellers of their newspapers and magazines, but why it warns Apple which does the same service?

    I mean both retail sales system and Apple have their own delivery infrastructure expenses, and retail sales actually often takes way more than 30% of retail price of a newspaper or magazine.

    Cue double standards?

  3. No, they are right. Forcing apps to require an option to buy through iTunes is a problem going forward for a lot of content providers.

    However, the content providers should first poll their own readers to see if they would rather pay iTunes or go through the hassle of paying a newspaper directly.

    If their content is so great, have them put it on a tablet/iphone friendly HTML5 website with animation, video, whatever and forget the app store “apps”.

    I think “apps” for newspapers is silly. HTML5, CSS and Javascript work great on iOS. Check out yahoo’s ipad site for example, looks great.

    “The Daily” type apps are massive black holes of development money where most of that functionality is available through good HTML5, CSS and Javascript already.

    Sorry if truth hurts anyone’s feelings.

  4. Apple sells so few “newspapers” at this point that the very idea of an anti-trust inquiry is laughable. Also, what about all these other “tablets” we keep hearing about? Judging by the press, you’d think these things are everywhere.

  5. @ploogman

    If a publisher builds their site, hosts their content, handles their own billing, then sure they deserve all the proceeds.

    But if a publisher depends on Apple to host and distribute the content, then Apple deserves a cut.

    And as was pointed out in the article, Apple has no plans to prevent the first option while providing the second.

    Sorry, Apple’s not a villain here.

  6. @ploogman

    Another reason anti-trust is laughable. Native apps are not the only way of getting it out there. Lest we forget, web apps used to be the only way to do apps on iOS.

  7. Let’s see … newspapers have to cut down trees, haul them to pulp mills .. haul the paper rolls to massive presses … haul the printed papers by various means using gas, transportation, and people. Is it not a no-brainer to move to a system of electronic distribution. And the papers are concerned they might have to share revenue with Apple? Just plain dumb.

  8. Europussies hate competition, and the lazy lard asses are like US libs … If they can’t win amongst then people they go crying to the courts or governments. Likembabies with a diaper full of shit.

    A whole continent of asswipe Pelosis.

    1. I live in Norway. I make about 200 000$ and have about 120 000$ after tax. I work 37,5 hr/wk. I have 6 weeks paid vacation. I just recently had an accident and was on 3 weeks sick leave with full pay. Unemployment in Norway is about 2%.

      Beat that stupid!

  9. All this dissing of Eurpeans in general is just a bad case of denial. If you look at how the countries of Western Europe run their countries, it’s crystal clear that Americans are the true retards.

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