The Plaza Hotel provides every guest with Apple iPads (with video)

“Built in 1907, the famed Plaza Hotel is every bit a landmark as New York City itself,” Bryan Wolfe reports for App Advice.

“Now the hotel, which is located next to Central Park, has entered the digital age by offering each of its guests an iPad,” Wolfe reports. “The Plaza’s iPads come with Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) software. With a touch of the screen, guests are able to order room service, make restaurant reservations, and talk directly to the Hotel’s concierge.”

Wolfe reports, “According to Shane Krige, general manager of The Plaza, who spoke to The Luxist: ‘We chose the iPad because it is a great piece of equipment that is here to stay and won’t disappear tomorrow. It brings another five star element to the hotel.'”

Intelity’s ICE Touch Premiers at The Plaza Hotel from Intelity on Vimeo.

Full article here.


  1. Great idea. Just one question. Is it glued to the desk? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I guess for the price of a stay at the Plaza they can afford to let you keep it.

  2. The Windows fanbois told the Plaza Hotel to use a $250 netbook because it would cost them less but the Plaza management said they could let hotel guests use cheap junk.

    The Android fanbois told the Plaza Hotel to use an Android tablet because it was highly customizable but Plaza management said they couldn’t let hotel guests use vaporware.

  3. @JoeKnows
    Great idea. Just one question. Is it glued to the desk?

    Not sure of your reasoning. They will have your credit card information when you check in. It would be just like anything in the room. You break it (or if it’s missing), you buy it. If they are comfortable letting you stay in their room, they can trust you with a $500 iPad.

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