Catholic Church approves link between Apple and God

“Countless bloggers and analysts have claimed that Steve Jobs has a divine touch. Apple’s legions of devout follows have been compared to a spiritual sect. And overall, Cupertino’s line of sleek gadgets and “enlightened lifestyle” has prompted many to deem Apple a religion,” Mike Schuster reports for Minyanville. “So it stands to reason that the Catholic Church would want in on that action and approve a church-themed iPhone app.”

“‘Confession: A Roman Catholic App‘ [US$1.99] guides the user through the confession process and atoning for one’s sins,” Schuster reports. “Described as ‘the perfect aid for every penitent,’ the app features a step-by-step manual to the sacrament, password-protected profiles, and load windows with the message ‘Creating your custom examination of conscience. Please wait…”

Schuster reports., “Speaking with Reuters, developer Patrick Leinen said, ‘Taking to heart Pope Benedict XVI’s message from last years’ World Communications Address, our goal with this project is to offer a digital application that is truly new media at the service of the word.’ He added, ‘Our desire is to invite Catholics to engage in their faith through digital technology.’ …The app was officially authorized by Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne, Indiana.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. @ MaLvado:”Liberal atheists not accepting of other points of views”

    Really? Do you know “liberal” means. I suggest you look it up.

    And it has been shown throughout history, that conservative religious zealots have destroyed most other civilizations and peoples for not having the same belief systems.

    And speaking of which…

    “I’ll pray for you atheists. God loves you.”

    How does that make you open minded and accepting!? Don’t pray for me, it’s against my religion you insensitive jerk.

  2. Malvado says: “Oooh, Liberal atheists not accepting of other points of views. Shocking…and closed minded indeed.”

    I don’t have to accept your point of view at all. But I unequivocally support your right to have whatever viewpoint you want. Until, that is, when you try to force your biblical or koranical view upon me through legislation or other means. Then, I get pizzed.

  3. Don’t waste your prayers on atheists. Save them for people who need them. Those that are unable to function without the crutch of a “next life”. Those that ate unable to make their own decisions and must be told what to do by a large organization. Those that still believe in a bearded man in the sky and a red horned and hoofed man with a pitchfork underground.

  4. @ MaLvado…

    I can recommend a movie for ya: “Religulous”

    (Seeing different perspectives on a topic never hurts, and is a good way to attain knowledge on your search for truth.)

    May science bless you.

  5. Charging $1.99? Isn’t that a violation of their tax exempt status?

    Shouldn’t this be free to encourage its use? I’m sure the Catholic Church has some money lying around to pay the developers.

  6. @ Michael

    “And it has been shown throughout history, that conservative religious zealots have destroyed most other civilizations and peoples for not having the same belief systems.”

    So what conservative religious zealots was the Romam Empire, our own revolution, and Napolean and Germany (WW1) and Hitler et al, just to name a few.

    And what do liberals (or anybody else) do when others dont agree with them? I dont think religion has anything to do with it.

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