Ronald Reagan Presidential Library adds 250 Apple iPod touch ‘tour guides’

Apple Online Store“The mission-style building that houses the recently renovated Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, Calif., perches atop a bluff with spectacular views that conjure up the dozens of Westerns that Reagan the actor shot on location,” Kelly DiNardo reports for The Washington Post. “But what’s most in keeping with the 40th president’s first career can be found inside: elaborate interactive programming that brings the Gipper to life.”

“The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation has orchestrated a $15 million renovation to be unveiled in a private ceremony as part of Reagan’s 100th birthday celebration Sunday. It will open to the public Monday,” DiNardo reports. “Several weeks ago, as electricians still tinkered, I previewed the museum with Rob Bauer, director of external affairs. The exhibits still trace Reagan’s life from his childhood to his years as a lifeguard through his careers as a sports announcer, actor, governor of California and president.”

“With all due respect to Bauer, however, the true charmer is his partner on our tour: an iPod touch. In addition to 180 video screens, two teleprompters and a green screen, the museum now features 250 of the patent-pending devices to lead you through the displays,” DiNardo reports. “The iPod touch provides the audio tour, giving background at specifically designated spots. More interestingly, it allows me to take photos and video as I wander through the museum.”

DiNardo reports, “I finish the tour, thank Bauer and return the iPod touch. But it’s not over. Within hours, I have an e-mail from the museum with a link to a Web page housing my personal media library of all the pictures and videos I took on my visit. From here, I can download my tour or share it through Facebook and Twitter. An endless encore for my trip.”

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  1. Ronald Reagan is one of America’s Top 3 Presidents.

    1. Washington
    2. Lincoln
    3. Reagan

    Washington eschewed the offer of a kingdom and built the greatest country the world has ever seen, Lincoln saved the union, and Reagan won the cold war and lifted the country out of malaise both of heart, reigniting patriotism and pride, and economic, by cutting taxes to spur an economic boom that lasted decades.

  2. When I first heard the story this morning, I thought they said iPads.

    Only the begining, more people will turn to ipod and iPads for uses like this.
    Actually… Didn’t mdn post a story about some museum using iPod’s like this also? Maybe it was in a magazine…

  3. Reagan Facts
    1. Reagan tripled the national debt
    2. Reagan raised taxes 11 times
    3. Reagan expanded the size of government
    4. Reagan supported the “socialist” Earned Income Tax Credit
    5. Reagan negotiated with terrorists in Tehran
    6. Reagan sought to eliminate nuclear weapons
    7. Reagan gave amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants
    8. Reagan approved protectionist trade barriers
    9. Reagan signed abortion rights law in California
    10. Reagan eventually debunked AIDS myths Republicans continued to perpetuate

  4. @geoman
    1. Over 8 years, and it is less than the Obama administrations increases over 2 years
    2. Reagan signed bills, but Congress raises taxes, not the President.
    3. So has every President in the past 240 years. It is always a matter of proportion.
    4. Political realities of dealing with a Democratic Congress
    5. In the context of the times, he did the right thing. In leaving Lebonon after the barracks bombing, I think he made a mistake. Still, none of us know what the President knows
    6. Not unilaterally.
    7. Reagan and even many conservative truly believed that that Amnesty deal was to be a one-time deal with more aggressive border security to follow. The borders stayed as porous as ever. That’s why conservatives won’t believe any promises of a deal to strengthen immigration rules in return for an amnesty to those here now. Once burned, twice shy.
    8. Yes and he also fired all the Air Traffic Controllers who wanted to strike, thus breaking that union.
    9. As Governor of the State. Thus affirming that Rowe v Wade was a bad ruling from an activist Supreme Court. States were quite capable of legislating pro-abortion laws without obfuscating the issue by deeming it a “right”.
    10. What myths are those?

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