How long a wait for Macs with fixed Intel Sandy Bridge chips?

“Intel announced on January 31 that it had stopped shipments of the ‘Cougar Point’ chipset that accompanies its second-generation Intel Core (‘Sandy Bridge’) processor owing to a flaw that can affect access to a hard-disk drive, optical drive, or other device that connects to a computer using SATA technology,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“Apple does not have any Sandy Bridge-based systems, nor has it announced any,” Crothers reports. “But there have been fairly cogent arguments made and rumors floated that a Sandy Bridge MacBook refresh would hit soon. So, the question is, how far does this push out a highly probable future rollout of Sandy Bridge-based models? If Apple was planning a February or March refresh, then there are obvious delays. If the rollout was planned for late spring or early summer, then the delay would probably be minimal.”

Crothers reports, “This schedule would also apply to Apple’s iMac, for example, which currently uses last-generation Core i3 and Core i5 chips.”

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  1. I can’t wait when Apple will issue a new iMac’s. Damn – I don’t want iMac with Intel i7 870 – i’m technology freak! Give me one with Sandy Bridge architecture. Something which is on time. Apple should have been doing it before competitors. How long I gonna be waiting for that refreshment? Until Bulldozers came in???

  2. “MBP was my next planned purchase, along with the iPad 2.”

    Likewise, with an iMac to boot… mainly for the tax rebate!

    Can’t buy any of them till they resolve this issue (and obviously release them too…!)


  3. The article says: “”Apple does not have any Sandy Bridge-based systems, nor has it announced any.”

    Why do people worry about this nonsense of how much longer will they have to wait for a refresh?

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