Mossberg reviews Verizon iPhone 4: Better voice, but slower data

“I’ve been testing a Verizon iPhone 4 and comparing it to an AT&T iPhone 4, which has been out since last summer,” Walter S. Mossberg reports for AllThingsD. “On the big question, I can say that, at least in the areas where I was using it, the Verizon model did much, much better with voice calls. In numerous tries over nine days, I had only three dropped calls on the Verizon unit, and those were all to one person who was using an AT&T iPhone in an especially bad area for AT&T: San Francisco. With the nearly identical AT&T model, I often get that many dropped calls in one day.”

“The Verizon model also introduces a feature that some iPhone power users have been craving but that AT&T hasn’t allowed in the past: the ability to use the phone, for an extra monthly fee, as a Wi-Fi hot spot for Internet connectivity to multiple laptops or other devices,” Mossberg reports. “In my tests, this worked fine with Windows and Macintosh laptops, and an iPad. Wednesday afternoon, AT&T countered by announcing a similar Wi-Fi hot spot plan for the iPhone at an unspecified future date.”

Mossberg reports, “In my tests, the new Verizon version of the iPhone did much better at voice calling than the AT&T version, and offers some attractive benefits, like unlimited data and a wireless hot-spot capability. But if you really care about data speed [AT&T’s network averaged 46% faster at download speeds and 24% faster at upload speeds], or travel overseas, and AT&T service is tolerable in your area, you may want to stick with AT&T.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Walt’s nasty case of Android Tourette’s has cleared up; a Mossberg iPhone review without a single tic blurting about Google’s possibly patent infringing poor man’s iOS is a rare thing indeed. Let’s hope Walt’s permanently cured.


  1. Verizon and AT&T are just gouging with the tethering. If you already have an iPhone with a data plan, does it really matter if you download or send the data with the phone, or with an iPad attached to it? NO the data and transfer rate is still the same. FAIL.

  2. From MDN’s article about “Android tourettes”:
    “Mossberg pathologically inserts Android into each discussion as if it’s somehow iPhone’s equal despite the fact that everyone who’s used both knows that is simply not the case”

    That is true, Android=/=iOS. Android is superior. Just as MDN states, anyone who has used both types of phones knows that.

    iOS is a great and powerful OS, but Android is simply more so.

  3. Did you even read the article??? It’s a review of Windows Phone 7. iPhone and Android are mentioned to compare the new comer os to the two more established and popular os’s in the mobile landscape. How is that particular article an example of Mossberg’s alleged tourettes problem with android? I guess it’s an affront to Steve Jobs and all of Appledom to mention iPhone and android in the same article. It’s great that you’re rabid fans of Apple but like most fanatical fringe you do more harm to your cause than good.

  4. I’ll answer for you. You get 2 Android phones for the price of one.

    Android phones get OS updates just like Windows with all the high tech problems we are used to with Windows upgrading.

    You can steal all of the great Apps for Android that you have to pay for on iOS.

    You get to run Anti-Virus software on Android just like Windows and you don’t have to worry about malware.

    You get to drag and drop to load media on Android, no bloated, easy to use iTunes BS for Android.

    I could go on about amazing hardware features, but you get the picture, I’m sure.

  5. Paying less is wrong why? Everything Apple puts out is over priced and under featured in some way. The iPhone may be Apple’s only exception to this since they tried to have it overpriced and it didn’t sell well past the Apple faithful. However true to course certain features (i.e. Copy and paste) were left out and left many wanting.

    Hmm, I seem to remember not too long ago how the upgrade for 4.0 dragged down the performance on many fine 3GS iPhones and some iPod Touches when that OS was released. Not to mention how 4.2.1 was released to resolve wifi connectivity issues that Apple wouldn’t actively admit to.

    I have had all 3 os’s and never HAD to run an antivirus on any of them. Never ran into a problem that I SHOULD have ran an antivirus. Really don’t see this as an issue. Maybe you should stick to the desktop for this issue.

    After having to deal with iTunes for various devices across numerous computers, both Mac and pc alike, I LONG for the ability to drag and drop. I have yet to find an instance with this piece of software where it satisfies the claim of being user friendly. This syncing BS is for the birds. It took my iPad FOUR, THAT’S RIGHT FOUR, days to completely sync with my MacBook so I could upgrade it to 4.2.1 to correct whatever other issues were going on. Dealt with Genius Bar on several occasions with no help beyond just wait for the sync to finish!

    Could you go on about the amazing hardware features? I myself prefer a large screen. 3.5 was good at one point however not any longer. 4.0 and 4.3 are becoming more and more commonplace screen sizes on phones realistically designed to compete with the iPhone. Antenna gate may have become much ado about nothing but why the redesign in the CDMA phone. One thing I never understood was when Steve Jobs rolled out his billion dollar antenna testing facility to proclaim the rigourous testing they do with the signal yet with all that testing no one in Apple ever realized if you hold it a certain way the signal fades. It would seem like they did notice it and took their cue from the top …”just don’t hold it that way.” They got out of that one because most people use it as a data work horse and really are just used to crappy AT&T service. When you emphasize form you will alway sacrifice some function. White iPhone 4 anyone?

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

  6. “no one in Apple ever realized if you hold it a certain way the signal fades…”

    blah blah.

    If you love Android, you need to thank Steve Jobs. Android would not exist without him.

  7. It’s not that I love android, its the blind zealots that I loathe. The towers no longer exist thanks to blind zealots. I’ll give back android and iOS happily to have back all we lost due to blind zealotry.

  8. LOL at your rebuttle of my sarcastic reply.

    You had an answer for everything except stealing others’
    IP. Apparently the number one reason to by an Android Phone is to steal Apps to go with your other stolen media.

    Don’t stop there, steal an Android phone while you’re at it.

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