As Apple’s iPhone launches, Verizon throttles bandwidth of top 5% of data hogs

“In a notice posted Thursday on Verizon’s official website, customers were informed that the carrier is implementing two new network management practices,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “It said that the changes will provide a better experience for its more than 94 million customers.”

“Verizon said that customers who subscribe to a data plan or feature on Thursday or later may see their bandwidth speeds throttled, if they use an extraordinary amount of data every month,” Marsal reports. “The limits will be placed on customers who are among the top 5 percent of data users, Verizon said.”

Marsal reports, “‘We may reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of your then current and immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand,’ the notice says. ‘Our proactive management of the Verizon Wireless network is designed to ensure that the remaining 95% of data customers aren’t negatively affected by the inordinate data consumption of just a few users.'”

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  1. Interesting! I suspect Verizon is trying to circumvent the types of problems AT&T encountered once the iPhone 3G was launched. I don’t know how many iPhone users will breach that cap. But listen for the complaints if that happens.

    Perhaps Verizon is not going to be the holy grail of iPhone usage after all.

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