Apple’s iPod nano creates ‘Nano-watch’ fad (with video)

“Last September, at one of those periodic events where Apple offers up a new product with much fanfare, Steve Jobs invited the audience to join him in admiring the latest iteration of the iPod Nano. With the touch-screen interface associated with the iPhone and the iPad, the music player had shrunk to a square, weighing less than an ounce and almost comically wee,” Rob Walker reports for The New York Times. “Some observers took it for a joke when Jobs said an Apple board member intended to sport the thing as a watch. Others didn’t laugh; they sprang into action.”

“The Nano-watch fad merges two well-established developments of the gizmo era. The first is that Apple’s various handheld devices have spawned ecosystems of spinoff and add-on products and accessories, from function-adding attachments to style-focused cases and covers,” Walker reports. “The second is that no matter how many devices we carry around that happen to have clocks built into them, the idea of the wristwatch soldiers on.”

Walker reports, “The case is best made by Minimal, a design firm based in Chicago… [which] offers two wrist-wearable bands. With the TikTok (preselling for $35 in January), you snap your Nano into a reinforced plastic case attached to a ‘high-grade silicone rubber’ strap. (You can pop it out via an empty space on the back that happens to be the right size to reveal the Apple logo, and is referred to in the promo video as the ‘brand hole.’) The LunaTik has a two-piece, bolt-together compartment fashioned from ‘aerospace-grade aluminum’ and is meant for someone less concerned with removing the Nano for nonwatch uses; it’s preselling for $70.”

Read more in the full article here.

More info about Minimal’s TikTok and LunaTik here.

MacDailyNews Take: Almost makes us want to consider wearing a wristwatch.


  1. The $10.19 shipping premium on the $35 model makes buying one now a bit off putting. But I love the Tic-Toc. The premium model seems too bulky plus it covers up all the color of your Nano. Guess I’ll wait for it to show up on Amazon or in a store.

  2. NOTE: for those of you who didn’t watch the video, you can start in the clock on wake in the Nano’s settings. So no swiping is necessary. I think there’s a digital clock option also. Inexplicably, Apple doesn’t explain the clock part of the Nano at all on their web site. You can’t tell there is a clock included, nor the countdown timer, nor the stopwatch on the Apple website.

  3. I haven’t worn a watch in years since my watch was stolen off a table in a coffeeshop. This design made me buy both a LunaTik and TikTok and a 6th gen nano. The bands should be arriving Feb 5th. Kickstarter was funded on December 16th but I ordered before then.

  4. So there are fools wandering bout with headphone wires sprouting from the left wrist? How do they manage that?

    And the price of the things.

    Poke me in my ‘brand hole’ baby!

    Jeez, some people would buy anything.

  5. “I remember reading in Men’s Health ages ago that a woman looks for three things when she first meets a guy “Teeth, Shoes, Watch”– if any of these things is missing or in rough shape, she’s not interested. You should get a watch.”

    Personally, I usually check in this order: shoes, iPhone, teeth.

    But I’m English. So there we have it.

  6. I am a little surprised that they are only showing rubberized watch bands.
    I imagine, it’s because they are relatively inexpensive and probably off the shelf items, and that they are a startup, anxious to get rolling.

    I think a well designed metal band made of the same materials and color as the LunaTik would be a great, if not, inexpensive option.

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