Apple’s Mac App Store takes dead aim at Adobe

Apple Online Store“Apple’s launch of the Mac OS X App Store appears to be an instant success,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “Apple was on center stage Thursday with their iWork apps ready for download, but one application made available today from Apple caught everyone off guard —Aperture.”

“The arrival of Aperture on the App Store isn’t a just a shot across Adobe’s bow, that doesn’t do Apple’s move justice,” Reschke writes. “What Apple did to Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom software is equivalent to hundreds of cannon rounds being fired upon a ship at point blank range.”

Reschke writes, “Apple gave Aperture a massive price cut, and it can be downloaded for only $79. Until today, a boxed copy of Aperture retailed for $199 (as of now it is still available as a physical purchase). Adobe’s Lightroom currently retails for $199 as a physically purchased product. Which software is going to dominate? An easy-to-find, $79 direct download or a physical copy of software for $199… Boxed software sounds silly already.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, Shantanu.


  1. Ouch ! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving, arrogant, nasty, lazy and greedy company.

    More and more every day it looks like there is indeed life after Adobe’s stranglehold on creative professionals – Bye Bye Adobe.

  2. Only if you want a bunch of programs that don’t work seamlessly together. No matter how much you wish – the working class still uses Adobe products.

    However – if you want the latest copy of Angry Birds or Pixelmator – then I guess the App Store is for you.

  3. Aperture at $79 is a fantastic deal. I previously bought Aperture 1, 2 and 3 but still prefer Lightroom, which is also available on many more Windows PCs. It may hurt sales of Adobe’s Lightroom but perhaps not too much.

  4. Or Apple could be shooting itself in the foot. All the adobe uers that prefer macs will be forced to move to a windows PC.


    The 1% market share that apple has just got cut in half…. OUCH !!!

  5. I have used Adobe products for a very long time, but I must admit, over the last three years I have moved away from Adobe. I turned off Flash and found I didn’t really lose much. I have also found Adobe products to lack the “fit and finish” they once had. I agree it is going to take some time but if anyone can do it…Apple can. I just wish Apple would come up with a good drawing program.

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