Macworld reviews Postbox 2: The Mac’s reasonably-priced luxury email client

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac!“If Apple’s Mail () is the affordable hatchback of e-mail clients, Postbox 2 is the category’s luxury sedan,” Nathan Alderman reports for Macworld.

“Handsomely appointed with why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-sooner features, Postbox seems to anticipate and serve your every e-mail need,” Alderman reports. “The handful of bumps I encountered while taking Postbox 2 for a spin were more than balanced by how much fun it was to use.”

Alderman reports, “If you’d like a top-notch upgrade to your e-mail experience at a reasonable price, and you can live without Exchange support, the terrific and thoughtful features built into Postbox definitely deserve your consideration.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Postbox won’t display PDF files within the body of the message, as Mail does, but it handles inline photos just fine.”

    Being able to view the pdf is the key feature required in my business e-mails. I send them and receive them all the time. If while doing a quote I attached the wrong supportive pdf, there would be a problem.

  2. Lack of Exchange support means I must switch to Mail to check a single account.

    It has far more problems with account passwords than Mail does and is not always clear what the problem is. It may say that the password is wrong for the server, for example, without specifying which account it is talking about. Since I have many accounts, over 40, to check, including multiple MM accounts, that makes it a guessing game or me.

    I’m keeping it in hopes that it will fix the issues.

    I also hope that it will add other features, including some the (former) Eudora used to have.

    So, I find myself staying with Mail for now.

  3. In a real sense, Postbox 2 is Apple Mail on steroids. Fortunately, I have to check only one Gmail account (personal), and the occasional email to my .me account (usually an email from Apple). I had decided to abandon all of Microsoft Office products and did not wish to go with Outlook. So far, I have been able to survive on Pages, barely on Numbers, and with great ease on the killer Keynote.

    Postoffice 2 is easy to set up. It actually adopts all the folders you might have created in which to save important emails.

    Definitely, for home, personal and maybe small business use, Postoddice 2 is as slick an Application and worthy of it’s cost, which is very little. Don’t bother with the Lite edition. Go for the real thing!!!!

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