Barron’s magazine debuts on Apple’s revolutionary iPad

Apple Online Store“The iPad version of Barron’s magazine has arrived in Apple’s App Store,” Tiernan Ray announces for Barron’s.

“No more digging through the mail on Saturday morning, or having to fight neighbors who’ve yet again stolen the thing for their own edification,” Ray reports. “Like its Wall Street Journal sibling, the Barron’s iPad edition is a convincing digital simulacrum of the print version, and contains a splash/home screen that will also hold onto the last six issues of the paper. You can also save articles for reading later.”

Ray reports, “The app is free to download, and then costs US$2.99 per week, which gives you full access to this Web site, as well.”

Full article here.

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. Don’t know what the cover cost is at a newsstand, but a one-subscriptions $99 making each copynabout $1.90 per week. So, it’s about $1 more per week, but I am sure much cheaper than buying it weekly at a newsstand.

  2. I do the Financial Times & The Economist.

    They are conservatives- but at least they are not corporatists like the crazies on the WSJ Ed Board. I don;t buy from NewzCrap.

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