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Apple Online Store“Apple’s Mail application is one of the best email clients around for Mac OS X,” The Maintain Blog writes. “Why is it so good? Well, it is free, comes with every Mac and supports almost all types of email accounts so if you haven’t tried it check it out!”

The Maintain Blog writes, “That said, it can always be improved a little. In particular you might notice that it slows down over time, especially if you have large mailboxes and lots of contacts so let’s have a look at how we can speed it up a bit.”

• Slim down your mailboxes
• Rebuild your mailbox
• Clean your previous recipients list
• Remove unused RSS feeds

Full article here.

Dan Warne reports for The Warne Account, “Tim Gaden of Hawk Wings fame has documented an excellent tip to speed up Apple Mail. It involves optimising the SQLite database Apple Mail uses to store indexes and subject lines of emails. It compacted my envelope archive down from 55MB to 50MB — not a huge increase, but the speed difference was dramatic.”

Full article, with instructions, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Dropped Apple Mail for Postbox, which an excellent app not polluted with hidden configuration features. The dumbing down of the interface of Apple apps with wizards and crap (see Mac OS X Firewall, Mail, etc.) is BS.
    I highly recommend Postbox, available in a free and more fully featured paid version.

  2. Apple should have purchased Qualcom’s Eudora years ago when it was failing and incorporated it into Apple Mail. I had used Eudora since 1995 when I got my first email account and loved it. Too many failings in the current version of Apple Mail. Anyone else have a problem with how the address book lists addresses selected and then inserted into messages? If I select addresses from my Address Book, they do not appear in alphabetical order like they used to and I have to go through them to make sure everyone I’ve selected appears in the email before I send it. Helter-Skelter I do not need. Yes, there is a new version of Eudora available but I am not going to pay for it when Apple Mail could well take hints from it and improve the product they have. It looks as if it is just one more “orphan” (hobby??) that they haven’t got time to make easy and convenient to use. Listen up Steve, it needs fixing, time to apply some resources to getting it right and making it the best email client available!!

  3. Used ’em all. And, I recall some with real fondness, most especially Claris Emailer. That was an extremely nice email client, and, yes, Apple Mail comes closest to it, IMHO. And way back, and this sounds like treason, Microsoft Mail was a nifty little client, probably because Microsoft had little or nothing to do with it. I hate all web interfaces for email with a passion, and Thunderbird (and the ‘new’ Eudora’) are just that. Apple Mail might be a bit cumbersome (but seriously, let’s compare it to Outlook/Entourage, bloated and incomprehensible monsters that they are), but it is quick and versatile. I will admit to using Letterbox (or WideMail,either one is fine) but thats mostly because I now have this huge iMac screen I can fill up. I always recommend Apple Mail if asked, over anything else out there.

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