Google TV not ready for primetime; faces delays amid poor reviews

Apple Online Store“The Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas was meant to be the great coming-out party for Google’s new software for televisions, which adds Web video and other computer smarts to TV sets,” Ashlee Vance and Claire Cain Miller report for The New York Times. “Although Google already has a deal with Sony for its Internet TVs, other television makers — Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp — were prepared to flaunt their versions of the systems.”

“But Google has asked the TV makers to delay their introductions, according to people familiar with the company’s plans, so that it can refine the software, which has received a lukewarm reception,” Vance and Miller report. “The late request caught some of the manufacturers off guard.”

Vance and Miller report, “Google has a long history of putting out new products and then revising them on the fly. But in the consumer electronics market, companies place big, well-timed bets — to attract holiday buyers, say, or back-to-school shoppers… [Previously] phone and computer makers have been forced to push back their plans to release tablets based on a [newer version of Google’s Android] software, leaving Apple’s iPad as the tablet king this Christmas. Now similar problems may be plaguing Google TV. Industry analysts also say Google’s sudden change of plans reflects a weakness in the company’s business culture around managing relationships with partners… So far, Google TV is not ready for prime time, according to consumer technology reviewers and some early customers.”

MacDailyNews Take: Our Lady of Perpetual Beta™ strikes again. To borrow a question from another master of half-assery: “Where do you want to go today?™” Google will take you halfway there, then dump you off at the side of a dead end road; a few hundge lighter and without a map.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Travis L.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple needs to ignore the the channels that aren’t on board and get them to beg to be part of Apple’s TV options. Open up the tsunami of apps for the AppleTV. Let the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch work as multi gesture remotes and game controllers. Multi player / user apps working through the AppleTV to your home HD entertainment TV sound system will pull their viewers away to something that is a lot more fun for people to do. Through in some FaceTime too.

    Think about it. You can sit and watch TV commercials 50% of the time OR have fun 100% of the time. Which do you think will win?

  2. Also, keep in mind. All the users and players would not need to be at the same location. Just somewhere on the internet. Could even tie in that NEW BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM to power the apps!

  3. Speaking of beta…how about Apple’s lackluster MobileMe? MobileMe has been “beta” software for a long time and doesn’t justify the 50 dollars a year (at cheapest) Apple charges.

  4. Remember everyone, “The server farm is on schedule” for this month. Do you remember that maintenance shut down about a week and a half ago? I assume it is on line now. Mac app store is Jan. 6th I think. Maybe the AppleTV app store too? (If not then soon after.)

  5. lol dunno which is your wittiest: “Our Lady Of Perpetual Beta” or “Ballmer T. Clown”…great stuff, MDN, and Merry Christmas (or Merry A-Messiah-To-Be-Named-Latermas.)

  6. Tom, I got the family plan and have for years. If you have several Apple products and devices, you might see the reason to tie them all together with a MobleMe account. I am extremely confident that Apple’s firewall will keep my family data and information safe. Who are you trusting? Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, …?

  7. And why can’t these manufacturers tell that the software is not ready for prime time. How the heck can these knuckleheads go into CES and demonstrate and say what the capabilities are if it doesn’t work?????

    Holy crap, don’t any of these manufacturers actually test their products?
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  8. @Jersey_Trader

    Seems like you could make a strong case for Apple to buy Slingbox, given all of the great hardware they have and being able to use your subscription anywhere is quite a hook.

  9. Google is all talk but has little to show for it. There over priced and over promised google TV is a total failure. They promised way to much without sealing the deals with the networks and online content providers. That back fired big time. I think Google thought everyone would just hand everything over to them on a silver platter. Boy did they get that WRONG!!!!!

  10. Most of the beta stuff Google produces is the normal stuff that happens with software; however, this GoogleTV stuff is not a software product, it’s a hardware/software combination and selling a virtually nonworking beta requires a higher standard. Google needs to either do a recall or refund people’s money for selling something they could not deliver.

  11. Just ordered two more tv’s for family members!

    although, i am slightly impressed that Google actually admitted that their software isn’t ready for primetime yet…

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