Hyundai TV ad highlights Apple iPad owners manual in every Equus’ glove compartment (with video)

Hyundai has launched a new television commercial on U.S. broadcast and cable networks that heavily highlights Apple’s revolutionary iPad.

Every new Hyundai Equus comes with a revolutionary Apple iPad (16GB WiFi), and instead of the boring owner’s manual, the Equus Owner’s Experience app teaches you everything you need to know through demonstration videos, interactive product and safety demonstrations.

With the Hyundai Equus app you can:

1.Locate the nearest Hyundai dealer and schedule service
2.Experience Equus Lane Departure Warning System
3.Experience Equus Adaptive Headlights
4.Experience Equus rear-passenger massage and relaxation therapy
5.View the Equus Owner’s Manual and Quick Reference Guide
6.Browse the gallery of all Hyundai vehicles

More info and download link (free; works on any iPad) via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Attribution: 9 to 5 Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale S.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is really cool.. But the big revolution should be controlling car functions with the iPad. It should sync with the car and have diagnostic reports etc… you should be able to access all your content on it from the car…

    THAT would be a big deal…

    This is just cross marketing with some fancy code work for an app.

  2. Very nice promo for them. People will be more likely to show their friends the iPad info about the car as it is cool and different. Thus, the car company will expose many more people to the car and increase foot traffic to their dealerships. Much more exciting than just showing a book…ooo lookie here, this is how you adjust the seat- just read sectioin 10.2!

    Good idea Hyundai, I don’t intend to buy your car, but I am sure this idea will pay off nicely.

  3. Some questions: What happens when your car is parked outdoors overnight at 0-32 (F) temperatures? These are commonplace temps for 1/4 to 1/3 of the year for much of the northern US and Canada, and places get even colder than that.

    Besides, once your battery runs down, you get to pay $99 + shipping for a new owner’s manual.

    So … it’s a nice gimmick, but hopefully one that people won’t rely on exclusively for their car manual.

  4. Umm, I don’t think owners will leave their iPads in the car.

    Most likely owners will remove them, take hook them up to their computer and use it personally. I sure as hell would.

    People can download their manuals online and print out the most important things like fluid level/types, jacking location & fuzes.

  5. It’d be even cooler if they built the car’s UI around the iPad, put a snap-in connector in the center of the dash, so the iPad can control stereo, nav, heat/ac, OBD. You pop it out like those stereo faceplates to take with you to your office. And yes, the car should function even without it in case you forget yours.

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