Excitement and anticipation builds for Apple Keynote users expecting Jan. 6th release of iWork 11

Apple Online StoreThere’s a “group, into which I place myself fair and square, who are anticipating January 6’s developments,” Les Posen writes for Les Posen’s Presentation Magic. “I am writing of presenters who use slideware to aid their efforts to persuade their audiences of their sincerity and wisdom of their messages. How so?”

“Well, if rumours which have been circulating for several months hold to be true, we can expect Apple to showcase its own ‘apps’ on opening day of the App Store,” Posen writes. “In its own promotional material on its webpage, we see iWork 11 components used as examples of how the app store may appear. It shows each component in the current iWork – Keynote, Pages, and Numbers – for individual sale, as well as several fictitious apps.”

Posen writes, “As I have written elsewhere on this blog, Keynote is due for a major update.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “SlideJockey” for the heads up.]


  1. A new iWorks would go really well with my new 13 inch MacBook Pro. Picked it up at Best Buy for a cool $999.99 on a price match with MicroCenter! I think I got a good deal ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Although i think Steve Jobs got the better deal. Since the release of the iPad I have picked up an iMac (used), iPod touch (4th gen), and now the MacBook Pro.

    The iPad was the real gateway device for me and if there are others like me out there Apple stock is going to far exceed any expectations we have seen thus far.

  2. A new iWork in January will be wonderful. If Apple puts a little more meat on the bones of Pages and Numbers, I can dispose of MS Office once and for all and not have to face the dreaded ribbons in the new Office.

  3. Thank you silver hawk. It took me 40 years but I made it … Lol. Funny, I still remember being over my friends house in like ’86 maybe and playing around with his Mac. We used to fool around with a program that would speak what we typed. Being the juveniles we were (and still are) we would try and get it to pronounce different curses and dirty words. He was a big Apple guy and always extolled it’s virtues.

    I didn’t get my first computer until ’94; Dell P90 MHz with a 1 gig hard drive. I remember the sales guy telling me I’ll never use up all that space … lol. He said I could fit the entire NY public library on it without a problem. Now I have 4 times that just in RAM! Oh yeah, and it’s in an Apple!

  4. I want one thing in Keynote and that’s a notes section which is really needed for presenting class slides. With every update of iWork I hope that Apple puts in this feature and then I’m let down. If it doesn’t happen in the next update I’ll be jumping over to Powerpoint because the latest version of Office really is a great product.

    As for Pages it’s limited functionality with Word really is a pain. Last, I’d expect a major speed jump across the board. No comment on Numbers because I don’t use it.

  5. @ ob 1 and Silverhawk-

    back around ’85, my gateway device was my girlfriends Apple II closely followed by an Apple II GS. it wasn’t until 1999 that i was able to get my first Apple: Blueberry iMac G3 w/a matching Zip 100 drive. today, it’s a 3.06 iCore 3 w/ an Airport Extreme… and a iPod touch… and an iPad.
    the girlfriend is long gone (thankfully) but i’m still a Mac addict.
    (yet another reference that noobs couldn’t relate to.)

  6. @iworker,
    Keynote’s had a notes function from day one. Turn it on and make sure you have the slideshow set for presentation on a secondary display so you can view the notes while you show the slides in the presenter display.

  7. Looking forward so much because of Pages! Need:
    1. Cross references
    2. Language specific smart quotes
    3. TOC drawer (instead of miniatures, like we have in the Preview-app)
    4. Easy to put in narrow-no-break-space.

    If they just get point one right, I can get my doctoral thesis done in pages! (currently writing it in Nisus…)

  8. @El Goapo
    Ffor my needs mail doesn’t do it, I use Apple mail as a cach all for my 4 idenities and 12 Email accounts to monitor while on the go.

    I use separate idenities, for different business , and heavy usage of calendars and signatures (form letters)

  9. @silverhawk

    holy crap bruddah

    IIci was my gateway device too…well my lecturers and we could only use it and photoshop if we begged nicely. and promised to alphabetize the letraset. clean the stat camera and stop pegging pencils and gluesticks into the ceiling. oh and not take baths in the darkroom sinks after all nighters trying to meet a deadline.

    man . the thursday night club ruled supreme. crits were always around 9am friday.



    quadras were the start of a real addiction…

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