Apple’s Asian supply chain leaking next-gen iPad secrets all over the place

ZAGG Deal!“As Apple gears up production, its Asian supply chain has started to sprout leaks,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Two cameras, front and rear. Slimmer. Lighter. A better-resolution display,” P.E.D. reports. “Those are the salient details in a Reuters report Friday describing the next-generation iPad, now entering production for what is presumed to be an April launch.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Those are the type of changes I would expect, sounds credible. Will certainly buy one at this point. 2011, with this is the iPhone on VZ will make for an even better year for Apple. Hope to find some shares in my stocking.

  2. WS shysters trying to deflate iPad sales. Everything mentioned about the iPad 2 has been on the wish list. WS thru their media whores are trying their best to influence iPad purchases. The specially targeting corporate. Why do you think it is Reuters spreading this news? Because it is recognized as a credible news outlet. Why? I cannot fathom, since they are all paid hacks. In the coming days, news will bebthat the ipad2 is imminent.

  3. @JIM-TIV

    usually, yes. but it’s not for electronic device. today you can get a good laptop or mobile device at lower price with a good quality. you are not right. tommyr is right. Apple is overpriced compared to others. with that money, you can get sort of high end laptop with core i5 processor (even dedicated graphic card). you don’t know the situation or competition on the PC market. for example, 13inch macbook pro doesn’t even have dedicated graphic card, doesn’t have core i5 or higher. with $1300, no dedicated graphic card, only core 2 duo processor? I don’t buy it. you can get easily high quality PC laptop with that price. core i7-860M, 1GB dedicated graphic card, 640GB HDD. Apple doesn’t even offer 640GB or 500GB with $1300 price. what a shame. quality? I don’t know. unfortunately, Apple has one of high broken laptop rate along with dell, HP, gateway even though their repair rate is number one. there are high number three companies which offer laptops very durable. Acer, Sony, Asus.

    I don’t think that you don’t know the meaning what you get you pay for electronic device.

  4. @ edward

    I’ll just assume you aren’t a native English speaker as some of your post made my brain ache. I did some looking around though and went to Sony’s website to see if I could really get a computer with those insane specs for such a cheap price. Their Z series line was the only series I could find with an i7 processor. After selecting the following options:

    1) i7 2.8 TB -> 3.47
    2) 4GB DDR3
    3) 128 GB SSD
    4) 13″ screen
    5) Windows 7 Ultimate

    came out to about $2400..a good grand higher than your $1300 quote while a completely decked out 13″ MacBook Air comes in at around $1800 dollars. While, yes, the Sony definitely takes the cake in the processor department, nearly every spec it loses or ties in. Same amount of RAM, 128 GB bigger hard drive on MB Air, same size screen and you don’t have to live with Windows. The Air also wins on weight and battery life. I’ll take 7 hours of battery life in an almost 2 lb. package over your i7 any day of the week.

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