Citrix survey gives thumbs up to iPad in enterprise

Complete your iPad experience with ZAGGmate!“An informal survey of more than 5,000 Citrix customers point to the popularity of the iPad among businesses and the enterprise, and to the still spotty response by IT management for access to company resources,” David Morgenstern reports for ZDNet. “Support within organizations appears strong: some 72 percent of respondents said they currently have access to corporate resources.”

“More than 60 percent of respondents said they were prepared to purchase an iPad for work. Company purchases of iPads came to 43 percent. [Citrix reports], ‘The number of people depending on the iPad and using it daily (46 percent) is remarkable given it’s only been on the market for 7 months. In fact 13 percent say the iPad is mission critical for their job. If a business can increase employee productivity and respond faster to customers, the payback can be significant.'”

Morgenstern reports, “The look on the upside is revealing: 88 percent said the iPad increases the means to work remotely, whether at home or “anywhere.” A close second place was the iPad’s help in increasing productivity and computing satisfaction.”

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  1. I work for a hospital system ( about 8,000 employees not counting Doctors ) and we have purchased a new HIS that will be installed in 2011 system wide and go live January 1, 2012. This fully integrated system includes native support for iOS devices for all practitioners as well as Allied Health professionals.
    Until then we are stuck on thin client Windows systems. One more year.

  2. Big, Full Page ad in the LA Times today for Citrix. “Can your iPad run Windows? With Citrix, it can.”

    kind of sad to have to run that crap Windows OS. Oh well.

  3. @jjjj

    It’s especially sad when you actually try to use W$ and it becomes apparent that it is totally not designed, by any stretch of the imagination, as a touch-friendly OS.

    there would be much mre benefits to using iPads if the app suppliers made iPad-iOS-based apps as frontends for their software. Let’s hope that’s happening and the use if W$ is not required mostly.

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