Cisco WebEx brings mobile video conferencing to Apple iPad

Complete your iPad experience with ZAGGmate!“Our new WebEx for the iPad app version 2.0 that is available as of today from the Apple App Store,” David Knight blogs for Cisco.

“It brings the compelling high-quality, multi-stream video conferencing features to the iPad app we announced last month– and the experience rocks,” Knight reports. “With a swipe of a finger or a quick tap you can instantly see the video of all meeting participants, zoom into full screen video of just the active speaker and toggle seamlessly between video and the content being shared. We’ve also added highly requested host capabilities in this release.”

Knight reports, “It is quite simply the best experience we have delivered in my eight years here at Cisco WebEx.”

Full article here.


  1. @Ch
    On the iPad you are watching video and graphic content that is streamed to you from the meeting “host” via a WebEx server. If you assume the host role, then people would see what you were sharing from your iPad (or computer). If you wanted to provide a live video stream, then you would need a camera. Otherwise, no camera is required.

  2. WebEx is actually a pretty useful application/service. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but I was impressed with it’s functionality and relative ease of use. It is not an iChat or Skype type of application. It is for sharing content while conferencing about it. More useful for what I do, since I don’t need to see someone’s face, I need to see what they’re doing.

  3. You could if you wanted to hook up the SD card reader to the iPad to transfer still images to show other conference participants what you look like but once people see your ugly mug, live pictures aren’t really necessary. Heck it might even be a distraction.

    It’s the collaboration and document exchange features that are more cogent to online meetings. I suppose if you happen to look like Lindsay Lohan than all bets are off.

  4. So is screen sharing next, between the Mac and the iPad?

    I would love to turn my Mac into the webex server that video streams the Mac’s interface to my iPad, so I can take control of my Mac from anywhere on the planet.

    Whoo hoo!

  5. @G4Dualie – you can already control your Mac from another iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or other device using VNC software like Mocha VNC (even the free version) or the paid app that some reviewers consider the fastest, LogMeIn Ignition.

    You can use similar software to control your Mac from another Mac or PC using other VNC software such as Vine Server or Back to My Mac screen sharing or Apple Remote Desktop etc or LogMeIn.

    For PCs you can use VNC or a Remote Desktop Connection or LogMeIn etc

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