Apple Store: ‘The best damn retail experience in America!’

“Several years ago, I was standing in line during the holiday shopping season in the Galleria Apple Store,” Dwight Silverman reports for the Houston Chronicle. “I was buying a handful of iTunes gift cards to drop into stockings. I’d dreaded making the trek, but at the time the Apple Store was the only place to get the cards. As anyone who has been in an Apple Store at Christmas – particularly that one – it’s not for the faint of heart.”

“But I was surprised at how efficiently it went. The store had been set up differently, with tables strategically placed where purchases could be made. Rather than face a long queue at the back of the store, shoppers worked with store clerks who swiped credit cards on a mobile device and printed out a receipt,” Silverman reports. “What I thought would be serious hassle was almost pleasant.”

Silverman reports, “In fact, an African-American gentleman who had to have been in his late 70s was in line beside me, and finished his transaction. He looked at me with a big grin and said, ‘The best damn retail experience in America!'”

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  1. Agreed. Who cares that he’s black? Is it implies racism that blacks only buy loud stereos??? Did he comment no the Asian woman buying a hello kitty iPod case? Or the rich white kid whose butler carried his bags??

    1. He also indicated gender and age….. how terrible is that… Just horiffic…

      Boy are we getting overly PC these days…….

      er…. no….. the other PC. 🙂

      Just a thought,

  2. Meh, Michael.

    He never mentioned black – just African -American gentleman & you two whipped out yer antiracist hats & jumped straight in.
    Why don’t you both jump on the fact that it was a gentleman & not a lady & bring the feminists in as well.

    A couple of sado’s if ever l saw em!

  3. Very sensitive. Why? Silverman is just describing the many years of personal experience that the “gentleman” had. Some good and some may have been very bad. If it was a young beautiful girl dressed in Apple gear with an Apple iPod in her ear, she would have been either a repeat customer or one with very little historic shopping under her belt. We would have thought “So what does she know?”

    Lighten up people.

  4. OK folks, try to calm down. Sometimes, when we make an effort to be all inclusive we come off as awkward or (unintentionally) inappropriate. I think that’s all this is. I doubt there was any slight intended. No need to cut his head off. It was probably a very honest error in wording.

  5. Getting back on topic, the Apple Store is also the best retail experience in the UK too.

    I wanted to buy an iPod touch for a friend at Christmas and knew I would be passing an Apple store, but didn’t have time to spare. I parked outside and rushed in. The assistant asked me if she could help and I said what I wanted to buy and that I didn’t need any sales talk, just the fastest sale possible. She had the whole thing done and dusted on her wireless terminal ( including stock brought out from the back room ) in well under two minutes.

    It often takes me longer than that to buy a newspaper.

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