‘Delightful’ Reeder for Mac 1.0 Draft 1 released

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Silvio Rizzi had a damn good day. Not only did the Swiss creator of Reeder, the must-have Google Reader, um, reader for iOS, pushed out version 2.2 for iPhone, adding Facebook integration and a one-swipe gesture to send an article to Instapaper, but he also released Reeder for Mac Draft 1, a beta but still extremely polished RSS for everyone’s favorite non-touch OS,” Pete Mortensen reports for Cult of Mac.

“I’ve been using it for the past several hours, and I can confirm that it’s the perfect desktop companion to on the go RSS-ing — I’m never popping open Google Reader in a browser ever again,” Mortensen reports. “It’s very clean, evoking the look of the iPhone and iPad versions, but with an interface well-suited to the comfy confines of OS X.”

Mortensen reports, “This is a knock-out, one of the most delightful Mac apps I’ve tried in awhile. Can’t wait until it gets a bit more seasoning.”

Full article, with screenshot, here.

More info and download link for Reeder for Mac 1.0 Draft 1 here.


  1. RSS would be great if only more sites fully supported it. Being able to quickly read articles in plain text is for me by far, the best feature. Looking forward to the day when MDN gets around to implementing it.

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