Christian Group asks Apple to reinstate pulled ‘Manhattan Declaration’ iPhone app

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Apple pulled an app called the Manhattan Declaration from the iTunes store last week after outcry and over 7,000 signatures on an online poll that the content was an anti-gay and hate-mongering,” Nicole Martinelli reports for Cult of Mac.

“The Manhattan Declaration is an over 4,000-word statement of beliefs signed by over 400,000 people described as ‘a call to Christian conscience’ crafted in 2009. The app version, which includes a four-question poll on same sex marriage and abortion, launched in mid-October,” Martinelli reports. “A spokesperson for the Christian organization told the Daily Caller that the group is appealing Apple’s decision. ‘We’re making the argument that if [Jobs] would take a look at the Manhattan Declaration himself, he’d see it’s not written with any rancor. It’s written on a very even keel..] It’s just appealing to things that people want to come together on, that millions of Americans agree on.'”

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Billy Atwell blogs for The Manhattan Declartation, “There are moments in non-profit work, if your goal is to spark social change, when you feel comfortable knowing that your methods are effective. One of those moments is when your radicalized opponents lambast you as homophobic, anti-choice, anti-woman, or something similar. I do not find comfort in these words, or find them in any way accurate, but appreciate that the message of truth is at least reaching their ears.”

“The Manhattan Declaration iPhone application was released October 14, 2010 as a resource to our loyal supporters,” Atwell writes. “But to a radicalized blog dedicated to promoting abortion, denigrating the dignity of women and the unborn, and supporting unnatural unions, this application is the scourge of human existence. What does that tell me? It tells me that we’re doing something right.”

Full article here.

The Manhattan declaration can be read in full here.


  1. “…It’s just appealing to things that people want to come together on, that millions of Americans agree on.'”

    Just because millions of Americans agree with hate speech doesn’t make it right. Lots of Germans agree with the Nazi’s.

  2. ” We act together in obedience to the one true God, the triune God”

    Well, right there they’ve cut their own throats. They can’t even really get started before they insists their religious tradition is the only religious tradition that matters and their god is the only real god. The rest is demagoguery disguised as pious appeals to their twisted form of reason. The sooner the US discards these bigots and crazies, the better.

    So no, fsck em’. It’s all childish prattle based on fairy tales and lies. Religion poisons everything, especially when religious twats want to lay claim to freedoms and rights that are purely secular in nature, and where hard won in spite of religious authority.

  3. while millions of Americans may agree, far to many ignore that a minority of people, with a lifestyle that many do not care for are dictating to the majority what should be said, and receive preferential treatment. These people have a choice.. whether you elect to believe it or not. They do not have to live that lifestyle..

  4. Liberals (or “Progressives” or whatever name the socialists are cloaking themselves under this week) are all for free speech as long as it’s exactly what they want to hear. Otherwise, they’re all for censorship, suppression, and worse.

    You probably won’t read anything more factual anywhere for quite some time, especially not in the rest of this thread.

  5. What a wonderful world it would be if religion would just realize it has become an arcane, unnecessary, and regressive existence, defined by profoundly immature philosophical and speculative concepts built eons and eons ago upon the superstitions and fears of neanderthals.

    To me, refusing to allow religious nuts to shove their lies on other people is no more wrong than telling leprechauns they can’t sell pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Censorship, as a concept, applies more generally and appropriately to government. Self-censorship, which applies to Apple, is perfectly acceptable. I wish more religious people would practice it, honestly. Perhaps, to avoid controversy, Apple could add this app to the comic or fiction section of iBooks. Or to the next to Pocket God (which I love) in the Games section of the App Store.

  6. It’s an app that isn’t violating Apple’s Terms. Leave it in the app store.

    If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to install it or they can delete it.

    Freedom of Choice people. Quit catering to the whiners.

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