Apple’s Phil Schiller uses Twitter to answer questions, troubleshoot

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “A week ago, it was revealed that Apple executive Phil Schiller was using Twitter,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch. “And since stories like ours pushed Schiller from 800 or so followers to about 16,800, he has stepped up his game another notch: he’s actually started answering @replies with questions pointed towards him.”

Siegler reports, “Schiller [has even] decided to try and help a few iPhone users with their issues.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Phil Schiller can be found on Twitter here.


  1. Let’s see how it ends.

    An Apple VP of marketing using Twitter publicly openly!?

    Was it not Steve Jobs answering some people through e-mails?

    Is Phil trying to offload Steve from some tasks?

    Let me say this….. Apple is giving Twitter a shot to see if it is of any use to Apple and its impact before deciding on buying Twitter.

    I still think it’s not good for Apple to buy Twitter. Let’s see how it ends.

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