Analyst: RIM’s ‘PlayBook’ tablet expectations may be too optimistic

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Research In Motion Ltd., the mobile- phone maker whose shares have surged since it unveiled a tablet computer to compete with the iPad, may sell fewer of the devices than investors project, said Susquehanna Financial Group,” Hugo Miller reports for Bloomberg.

MacDailyNews Take: Nobody with a brain is excited about a RIM tablet. The product is well outside their core competency (outmoded cellphones featuring beards-of-buttons) and they have no ecosystem of which to speak.

Miller continues, “Investors appear to be assuming RIM will sell about 10 million BlackBerry PlayBooks in the next fiscal year, Jeffrey Fidacaro, an analyst with Susquehanna in New York, wrote in a note today. That may be difficult given the growing number of tablets, from Apple Inc.’s iPad to Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Tab, and RIM’s narrow focus.”

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is a joke. That it’s the rote product the media uses in their futile quest to create “equality” with the vastly superior Apple iPad speaks volumes.

Miller continues, “RIM plans to report fiscal third-quarter results on Dec. 16 and said in September it expects revenue to be $5.3 billion to $5.55 billion and profit per share will range from $1.62 to $1.70. Analysts are expecting results at the low end of those ranges, with an average estimate of $5.38 billion in sales and per-share profit of $1.63 billion [sic], a Bloomberg survey shows.”

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  1. What? Apple comes out with a tablet and they say at most 2 million a year.

    Blackberry with no succes in touch screen tech will sale 10 million a year?!

    Ok, I know these guy are heavy users of psychedelic drugs- but really! If Backberry sales 10 million a year then Apple will have sales of 10 million ipads

    Steve Jobs has hit these people so hard with the RDF that they may never recover. Now that is a beat down!!

  2. There is something that I do not understand. It took Apple years to change people’s perception that that the Mac was a serious machine for business. RIM, whose main market is the business world will pretend to sell them a tablet that is called Playbook? What is the marketing strategy?

  3. @Bue Guy

    No marketing plan. Just want in the game. They will sell a few, but, if I were forced to purchase a 7″ screen, I would just stay away. I had the Kindle DX with the larger screen so books could be more easily read, and never looked back.

    If it does succeed, probably with a “buy one, get one free deal”, it will be only on the basis that companies are engrained in the RIM ecosystem.

    Good luck to them. HA!

  4. I think analysts are modeling 40M iPads, so 10M ToyBooks may be a little optimistic, though I think QNX is interesting if they can extend it to their phones. May make them a more interesting acquisition candidate for Microsoft.

  5. I know people who LOVE their blackberries…because they have to as it is their only option for their employment to continue…

    That does NOT mean they are going to adopt the RIM PlayBooks-ToyBook or RimShot, whatever corny name they want to give it.


    All my friends with Blackberries (admittedly only a dozen or so) already have either iPads or MacBooks or BOTH!

  6. HP was more realistic with their Slate

    they made 5000, had 9000 orders at launch and declared that ‘demand was TWICE more than expected!!!!”.

    “HP sold twice as many Slate 500 tablets as expected”

    read further:

    “HP ordered a 5,000 unit production run of the enterprise focused device. But it’s had 9,000 orders come in.”

  7. @ Burrell

    So what you are saying is the iPad is going to have a halo effect on BlackBerry users to encourage them to switch over to the iPhone.

    I never thought of it that way.

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