Apple wins multiple touch and MacBook tablet patents

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “In a second wave of granted patents published by the US Patent and Trademark Office for Apple Inc. today, we see that they’ve won several key touch related patents including two relating to virtual keyboards,’ jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Yet the one patent that stood out above all, in my view, was a patent that secretly buried a future device that Apple has their eye on: a convertible Macbook-to-iPad-like device,” Purcher reports. “This is definitely going to be the killer device category in the coming years and we could only hope that Apple’s killer device goes from patent illustration to reality in the not-too-distant future. “

Purcher reports, “On this date, Apple was also granted serveral other patents, including one for their power connector called MagSafe, another for the MacBook’s improved power management and another for iTunes Producer. Apple’s iTunes Producer is the program that Apple created so as to allow music makers the ability to upload their songs to the iTunes Music Store. Lastly, Apple has been granted a patent for antennas for handheld devices with conductive bezels.”

Much more, including patent application illustrations, here.


  1. Good Laaaaaawd, Here we go again Back to the Drawing Board.
    That (Ahem) Tablet that we had Ready 2 go must be Rebuilt from Scratch, so all that work we did was for Nothing.

    (Damn Apple)

  2. I want one, period. It’s concept so the design could be anything in the end. but we know it’ll be really hot. I hate to say it but that dell version is, um, pretty darn nice. If Apple would have done that with the macbook we’d be falling over it. Let’s be honest here. I’m talking just the hardware idea.

  3. @mitch

    Maybe go to England, why dontcha. Then you’ll see the difference in English English and American English. (For the record, I am American. But I’ve been to England many times, and they do have differences in language usage.)

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