Nokia’s MeeGo, and possibly Nokia itself, are doomed

Cyber Monday “I spent a good chunk of last week hanging out in Dublin, Ireland for the first MeeGo Summit. There was shopping, there was drinking, there was football and there was more drinking. There were also keynote speeches, developer meetings and a variety of sit-down talks on everything from the N900 to discussion on improving customer satisfaction with mobile applications,” Robert Evans reports for TechEye. “And yet, the most striking impression I walked away with had nothing to do with the MeeGo OS. My most common reoccurring thought was something along the lines of, ‘Holy hell, Nokia and Intel have a lot of money to throw at us.'”

“Both industry dinosaurs spent like drunken sailors with an itch,” Evans reports. “They rented out the new half-billion dollar Aviva Stadium for three days. They rented out the entire Guinness Storehouse for a night, including multiple bands and food. They bought us all tickets to a football game, provided an open bar and snacks for a thousand people for three straight nights and, to top it off, they bought us all touchscreen tablet-netbooks. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 S3, to be specific.”

Evans writes, “The cash thrown at us would have been impressive…if it backed up anything convincing. Unfortunately, all the flash, glamor, booze & airbrushing in the world can’t cover up the smell of death. MeeGo is doomed, and Nokia with it if the suits holding the purse-strings aren’t careful.”

Full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: MeeGo the way of the Dodo.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. TurdGo. Everything Nokia makes these days is yesterday’s crap, and their Ovi service is a joke of Microsoftian proportions.

    That Canadian dude is going to learn things the hard way. They will ship him out of Helsinki in 12 months, being dragged by a fsking reindeer.

  2. What was it they said about WP7 being doomed? Not even close. There’s someone even closer to the gates of hell than MS and that’s Nokia. Ah, Stephen Elop, we missed you in Redmond, not. C’est la vie old chap, as the saying goes, hopping out of the kettle into the fire and all that. Ho hum nice knowing you old chap (sounds of toilet flushing in the background).

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