Hack allows streaming live TV from iPad to Apple TV via AirPlay

“A 9 to 5 Mac reader managed to stream live TV from his iPad to his Apple TV via a modified version of AirPlay,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

Full article, which also includes a video demonstrating HTML 5 video playing functionality on the second-generation Apple TV, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. So, I need to ask Santa for a NEW AppleTV to replace my 1st generation AppleTV. Filling all those HD ports in my system. 2 ports have Apple systems on it already. A new Mac mini and the old AppleTV that I can move to some other HDTV I am sure when I swap it with the new AppleTV.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. @ GG

    It was streaming TV across the world via the internet – not just in range of your local antennae or what your cable company decides this week you need to see.

    Very useful for those of us outside our native city or country.

  3. Hi Jeff the Trader,

    I am working on streaming from my TiVo to my Mac mini with the Toast 10 (that I can not open till Christmas) then to my iPads and iPhones.

    The real thing Apple needs to do is release a device to capture your high definition media and push it up to the new BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM so that any of our iOS or OSX computers and devices can watch it.

    Apple said that the server farm is on schedule for use this quarter. THE IDIOTS DID NOT THINK TO ASK, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THE FARM WHEN YOU TURN IT ON?”

  4. Hi macRick and GG,

    The point is to watch shows any where I want. For example: I can put a head set into my iPad and watch the show only I am interested in while my wife is sitting next to me watching her show on the HDTV that I have no interest in.

    The point, I don’t have to choose to watch my shows when others are sleeping or doing something else so I can watch.

    It is all about TIME and convenience to view what I already paid for the way I want to view it. Not the way the cable companies, AT&T, Dish or Verizon FiOS chooses.

  5. If iTunes can do it from a Mac, and people have hacked the iPad to do it, would it not be possible to get a Mac to send content? I would have thought this would be a solution for something like AirVideo. Stream it direct from your Mac (where the content is) but maybe control it from your iPad – which would bypass the app store restrictions. Probably.

  6. Kinda on/off point: so here I am in NY 3,000 miles from my cable box in LA wondering why can’t I watch the currnet episode of Dexter (which isn’t offered by Hulu or Netfix) on my iPad?

    Curious, I called Time Warner Cable and asked if they had streaming on their drawing board to which the tech said “absolutely.”

    They better before someone cuts a deal with the premium channels (hello Apple?)… snip snip go the cable cutters…

  7. “Why not just turn on your TV and start watching?”

    Presumably, you’ll be able to do just that. And not pay for the TV stuff, and be able to stream a lot more than just shows to your TV.

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